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My grand plan for today was to discuss the new account I opened up with Scottrade after reaching my $500 savings goal. Plans are great but life has a tendancy to get in the way. Instead of writing a full length, thought provoking, mind gripping article I will be recreating the last four months of financial transactions in my Quickbooks Pro software.

You see my file was corrupted and it causes Quickbooks to crash instead of open. Now I can’t send invoices or bill clients, generate tax reports, or otherwise manage my finances. This shouldn’t be a problem, if I had been keeping regular backups I would be gravy. But I wasn’t, I was stupid. Don’t be stupid, back your stuff up. Almost one year ago I said “Be Prepared, Backup your Data.” I guess I should have listened.

P.S. I am now storing my files on my DropBox account and creating backups to an external drive.

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