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A lot of people write about making extra money on the side, whether it is mowing their neighbors yards or completing survey’s online every little bit can get you that much closer to financial independence. As I write this I am trying to think of ways I can increase my income without affecting my REAL job. Currently I am limited to what some would consider small time operations. Mainly this centers on completing paid survey’s for various sites.

Here are the sites I currently use and a few thoughts from me on how well they pay out, or don’t.

CashCrate: CashCrate will pay you to complete survey’s, offers, and for the truly industrious you can sign up for “Free” trials. Usually you don’t have to pay, but in some instances you do. The real key to making money though is the referal program. Basically for each person you refer you get 20% of the money they earn, and for every person under them you get 10%. I am still new to CashCrate so I am trying to work my way into getting some more referalls and work out the kinks of knowing which offers are good to complete and which ones are really just trying to scam you out of some cash. There is real potential though to earn some pretty lazy income.

Pinecone Research: By far this is the most reliable survey site I am a member of. They pay $3 per completed survey, and they don’t mess around with qualifying you, they only send you survey’s you can complete. They do regularly send non paid household questionaires to get a better idea of what demographics you fit in. They will either cut you a check or deposit the funds into a PayPal account. I haven’t gotten a lot of surveys from them but the one’s I have gotten have been good.

OpinionOutpost: Opion Outpost, I still don’t have enough input other than to say, I have made a few dollars but I have also spent a lot of time completing half of a survey only to be told I didn’t qualify for the survey. I have lost some time but not made a whole lot of money. Still it is a good opportunity to make some extra cash, maybe. I will reserve full judgement until a later date. (more…)

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