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cashcrateCashCrate is one of those Get Paid To (GPT) Sites where you are paid to complete offers, some free and some not so much. It has become tremendously popular with stay at home moms, college students, and just about anyone else with a few minutes and a desire to make some money at home.  There is four different ways to earn money with the CashCrate system.

Completing Offers

The first and most predominant way is with the offer system for which they are most well known. You will be “paid” to complete survey’s and other offers. Most of these offers are “free” and some require you to pay for subscriptions of sign up for credit cards. The biggest sticking point with the offers is that it is almost impossible to know how much of the offer you have to complete. For the purpose of this article I completed one offer:


Based on the information here all I have to do is download and install the toolbar, I clicked on the link provided and downloaded said piece of potential spyware… err toolbar.  With much chagrin I then installed the toolbar, which told me it failed but installed anyway. Go Figure.  Once you have completed the offer you need to submit the offer for payment, this will put the .50 payout in your pending queue:



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