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Lets face it, even Payton Manning throws interceptions. Quarterbacks, no matter how good, throw interceptions. There are times when the QB may be off, other times the defense just happens to be in the right place at the right time. The same thing goes for finance. You are going to screw up, things are going to go bad, and you are going to lapse from time to time. The key here, as it is in a football game, is to shake it off and realize what went wrong and correct it. If you over threw the pass you now know to throw it shorter. If you overspent on indulgences you now know to hold back a little more. Don’t let setbacks get you down, it will get you benched. Keep trucking and learn from your mistakes and then you can excel and achieve things you never thought possible.

The links:

@Matt_SF bribed me with statements about the VOLS, but also his post is pretty interesting on how Insider Trading is Illegal for You and I, but not for Politicians. Seriously all I need to do to get away with insider trading is get elected? Who wants to vote for me, you know you want me in the senate.

@centsiblelife talks about how clutter relates to procrastination. I am sitting here writing this with a cluttered desk, a cluttered mind, and laundry to be folded, and put away. Of course I can directly relate most of those issues to the return of all of my TV shows, enter procrastination, thanks TV. sshould I invest

@SpendOnLife has a great piece on the richest and poorest neighborhoods in America. I am sad to say the state I currently call home ranks quite low on the totem pole, and what is up with the south why do we suck at credit so much? They say things are bigger in Texas, they apparently don’t mean credit scores.

@FiscalGeek says his kids will drive a piece of crap. I read this story and you know what jumped out at me, he got a car when he turned 16. When I turned 16 I got a drivers license with the hope to be able to borrow my mom’s minivan. I also got a job. I then worked until I could afford a car and bought one, hell it may have been a Gremlin but at least it was free, and you didn’t even have to feed it after midnight.

@MattJabs asks should I invest while still in debt? Like any question that begins with “Should I” the correct answer is it depends. Every situation is different and every situation calls for a different solution. If you are in nominal debt with low interest then get your company match if they have one, otherwise pay your debt down and off then hit the market.

Deals of the Week

I guess this is officially the second week of here are some of what you may have missed if you weren’t subscribed to the exclusive feed either via RSS or Via e-mail.

25% off MyFICO Products

$20 off Morningstar Premium

$25 INGDirect Bonus Codes Updated.

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Sometime last week I posted my 200th post on For some reason that milestone amazes me, on top of that I had my 50,000th page view yesterday.  While my subscribers continue to increase traffic has dropped a little bit this past week. I am not sure if it is Football or what but I expect a slow week next week as well since TV is coming back on. Have a great weekend and enjoy these reads from my tweeple.


@The_Weakonomist proves once again he knows a lot more than me when he explains what peak oil is. I agree with his assessment though, if we start to run low on our reserves we are just going to get better at getting the hard stuff to grab.

@heyagainlando explains 9 reasons you still need cash. I need cash to get out of my parking garage at the office, too buy hot dogs at football games, and to tip the … oh wait this is a family site 🙂

@EvolutionWealth Thinks a 30 year mortgage could be better than a 15. I don’t necessarily agree with the logic, as a non investor I don’t think I am gaining anything with a 30 year mortgage and most people are going to spend the difference not invest it.

@Matt_SF Gives us 10 reasons why we should hire an accountant. I hate paying people to do things for me, I dont’ know why but I just hate it. I always try to do it myself, this is a good list though of reasons why you might not want to go it alone.

@ModernTightwad has some easy ways to cut expenses. I am not sure about the feasibility of some of these suggestions but they will certainly help you cut expenses.


I hosted the Carnival of Money Stories this week and participated in the following carnivals:

Carnival of Pecuniary Delights @ Pecuniarities

Carnival of Personal Finance @ Simply Forties

Festival of Frugality @ The Good Life on a Budget

Suburban Deals

I started this week so I thought I would highlight a couple of the offers I have posted. Make sure you subscribe to the separate deals feed to get updates on the deals and offers because they won’t show in my regular feed. I updated the feed links so you will get the deals feed if you are on the deals site or looking at a deal.

Free eBook – “Investing Made Simple”

Win $5,000 with UPromise

Get 20 Free Trades when you sign up for a Zecco Account

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Alright, so if you didn’t follow my twitter stream I had a baby this week. Well I didn’t but my wife did, so by proxy I had a baby. That is the main reason why this post is going up 12 hours later than I would have liked. I have not yet gotten into the routine of waking up three times a night so I have been running behind and tire lately. I have a few more guest posts to blow through next week then back to regular writing by yours truly. Here is this weeks finds by my twitter faithful:

@MrsMicah has a great post on Storing and Saving Your Critical Financial Information. This article gets my top spot this week because everyone needs to make sure that not only do they have their critical information in order but that someone knows where it is.

@BSimple has a great post on Success Secrets of Self Made Millionaires. I think there is so much we can learn from those people who have made it to that always sought after milestone of becoming a millionaire.

@Matt_SF outlines ten things he is going to do the Beat the Lending Club Average. I still don’t think I can actually become a lender on Lending Club, those damn restrictions on what states can lend is killing me. I will keep this post in the kitty though incase things change.

@JasonTopp tells us what 7 Birthdays are Milestones for Your Retirement. I still have a long way to go before I reach any of these milestones but hey there is always the PowerBall right?

I have yet again failed to get my submissions in for a carnival.. I fail, but maybe next week. Have a great looonnnngggg weekend and don’t drink and drive.

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Friday Finance Followers – Baby on the Way Edition

August 28, 2009

Sometime in the next four-five days I am going to be a dad again. My second child is on the way any day and we can’t be anymore excited about it. It has been three years since we had a newborn in the house so I am sure I have lost the touch but I […]

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Friday Finance Followers – Secret Project Edition

August 7, 2009

Wow, where did this past week go? I had a sick child for two days so I have been taking care of him and now here I am on Friday with too much to do and not enough time. To add to it I have decided to start running again and take on a second […]

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