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Pay Your Mortgage Off Early

July 8, 2009
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Once you have paid off your consumer debt, built up your emergency fund, and started saving for retirement you might be thinking about the best way to tackle that last major hurdle, your mortgage. Mortgages have become what most people see as a necessary evil and just accept it, why not it pay it off, […]

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3 Things that Could Cost You Your Dream House

June 23, 2009

People looking for their dream home or their first home always seem to expect things to fly right along and go smooth as silk. I am living in my second home now and I have yet to see a completely smooth process from sale to purchase, something just always seems to crop up. There are […]

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What $10,000 Buys Near Me

June 16, 2009

Jim with Bargaineering wrote a great post yesterday about How Much House you can buy with $10,000. This inspired me to see what I can find in my neck of the woods for that price. In an effort to achieve a little bit of anonymity I have chosen to highlight the four major metropolitan areas […]

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What is Your Home Worth?

June 1, 2009

In these times everyone is worried about the value of their homes. Home values have fallen 21.8 percent since the housing market peaked back in 2006. The problems with the housing market are painfully obvious to me, the house across the street from me has been abandoned and there are around four houses for sale […]

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