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While I was on vacation I passed a milestone in the creation of by posting my 100th post since starting this blog back in February. While I haven’t had the rock star success of some other new comers to the community, still looking to reach 100 subscribers, I feel that I have contributed and continue to provide valuable content to my readers. This really has been a crazy ride for me for several reasons, mainly though I didn’t think I could do it and make it worthwhile to my readers. I would like to think I have proven myself wrong.  The people who represent this community of personal finance bloggers are unbelievable. They have really welcomed me and helped me, encouraged me, and stuck with me when I was in a slump. So thanks to all of you for making this such a great site and a great ride.

In honor of my 100th post I wanted to highlight some of my early posts, the number in Green is the total visits to for that day.

How To Build a CD Ladder Posted on Thursday February 5th  – 3

What the Down Economy Really Means for Your 401k posted on Monday February 23rd – 19

Should Spouses Have Separate Spending Accounts Posted on Friday, March 6 – 34

Budgeting with GNUCash Posted Wednesday April 8 – 58

Go Green – Make Dirt – Save Money Posted Thursday April 23 – 284

Goals Going Forward

My goals for the future are to:

  1. Continue to provide quality content
  2. Submit guest posts to some of the other PF blogs
  3. Be better about participating in Carnivals
  4. Host carnivals, I am currently on the schedules for COPF, Pecuniary Delights, Festival of Frugality, and Carnival of Money Stories.
  5. Run a few contests (cause everyone likes free swag)

Special Thanks To

All of my readers, and anyone else who stumbles on this little piece of the interwebs. I try to write what interests me and it may not always come out perfect, but hey who is. Extra special thanks to The Weakonomist, My Life ROI, Man Vs. Debt, Nickel, and Debt Free Adventure for helping and inspiring.

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