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changehappens-adambWhy are so many people not willing to discuss finances with their friends, neighbors, and relatives?  Talking about money is kind of like cussing you only do it when you feel like you have to and it is usually involuntary. It makes me wonder what is so wrong with talking about money.  Some people feel the need to constantly talk about money and how much more of it they have than you. These people are what everyone is afraid of being no one wants to seem like they are bragging.

The truth is when you talk about money you are usually talking about a specific aspect, you don’t walk up to your neighbor and say, “Hey man what’s your net worth at today.”  But then if you think about it, what does it matter? Why is that such a taboo question?  You probably have recently mentioned that your 401k took a hit, or that you are increasing your savings to shore up that emergency fund. You probably haven’t brought up how much money you have, and you certainly didn’t ask someone else how much they have.

Money is tighter for more and more people these days, and yet it seems people are still afraid to talk about their money.  Some people brag or want to compare “sizes”, but most people are just looking for honest opinions and help. The people you associate with all come from different walks of life with different experiences and different opinions. Part of this blogging experience is to allow open, honest communication about money and how we deal with it on a day to day basis. The following are some of the reasons I think people have


I think one of the biggest problems with people being afraid to discuss money, is a lack of education.  It’s not that people are uneducated but that we were never taught about money, no one told us how to handle it so we have learned about it on our own.  Self taught doesn’t make us the most confident people in the world, we are afraid of sounding stupid or putting our foot in our mouth.


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