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Lets start with some simple definitions:

A job is work you do to earn a wage but you don’t see yourself pursuing as a permanent line of employment a means to reach you desired job.

A career is work you do to earn a wage where the work is related to your desired job or position in line with your long term goals.

When you were 15 and working as a stock boy at the gas station it was a job. When you are 28 working at a nuclear power plant as a nuclear engineer you have a career, provided that is what you wanted to do. What may be a job to me may be a career to you. Working as a waiter is a job to me, but if you want to be a restaurant manager later in life it is essential to your career and therefore it is your career.

The Problem Today

In the current economic downturn people are losing their jobs by the thousands. They are being thrust out of their chosen career and left on the side of the road to fend for themselves. All of these people are looking for work doing what they have always done. They want to stay in their career of choice. The problem is all of their coworkers do as well. The marketplace is becoming much more saturated with job seekers and less saturated with openings. This means career type jobs may be more difficult to obtain.

The ranks of unemployed are pulling their unemployment checks and searching for their ideal job. At some point the unemployment checks are going to stop rolling in. What do you do then. Unfortunately more often than not people are starting to live off their families, parents are asking their children to “donate” money to keep them rolling. In most cases they don’t have an income by choice. There are jobs out there, not your career work but job. Walmart, McDonalds, other employers who pay money, it may not be much, but something is better than nothing. When I worked collections I talked to people who had been out of work for over a year, they were 2 almost 3 months behind on their mortgage their car had been repossessed but they still stubbornly refused to go out and get a job. They wanted their ideal career.

I would like to think if I get laid off and fail to find adequate employment within my chosen career path I would get out there and find a job doing something that pays. Some amount of income coming in to support my family or myself is more important than stubborn pride. At the very least I will be able to show my creditors that I am doing everything I can to pay back my obligations. Sitting on your laurels and farting around on the Internet should not be a part you play when you have no income coming in. Some money is better than no money. I am not saying stop looking for a job, but you have to draw the line somewhere and say enough is enough, I have to have some income.

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