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This whole iPad thing baffles me. I guess I don’t get the point of the product. You take the iPhone which had some pretty big limitations and you make it bigger. Same limitations just a bigger screen. With the exception of Flash support I see things improving in future iterations of both the iPhone and the iPad which brings me to my thought for today. What does it cost you to be an early adopter?

There are people out there who have to have the latest and greatest tech gadget/gizmo. It never ceases to amaze me how the Apple faithful line up to get at whatever hot thing they have rolling out. Yes, I own an iPhone. I own a 3Gs one though. I didn’t get the first one, or the second one, I waited until it started to get really interesting and personally I kind of regret it. I like what Android has been able to accomplish and the less strict policy on app development. But I digress. When you are an early adopter it costs you more than just what you paid for the product. Lets look at the benefits of waiting to make that next gadget purchase

  1. No matter how good a testing group a company gets togetherĀ there is always going to be unanticipated glitches, bugs, and security holes. It is impossible to anticipate all of the uses a product will get when put in the hands of the idiot consumer (myself included). These bugs tend to work themselves out in the first couple of months to 1 year of a product being on the market. Holding off a bit can save you the frustration of dealing with those glitches. Let someone else deal with it.
  2. The feature set of a 1st gen product is never what the company really wanted to put out to the market. It is what they were able to get together by the 3rd drop dead date. Other stuff doesn’t get cut it just gets rolled into the next development cycle. Just look at the features of an iPhone 3Gs versus the original iPhone. By picking it up early on you could be missing out on some great advantages that you will have to replace the product to get later on.
  3. TheĀ cost of a first generation product is almost always higher than the costs of subsequent generations of the product. As the product matures the company will fine tune the production process and suppliers they use to reduce their costs of creating the product. This process is happening all the time so their profit on the sales of the products grows. When the next generation comes out they can reduce the price or increase the value (increased storage capacity, processing, etc.) at the same price point. Buying early your are paying more for less, most of the time.

I am not trying to say anyone is crazy for getting an iPad, it looks neat, I just don’t see the benefit in being an early adopter of most anything. I am not the only one either, I think. Are you an early adopter? I would love to know why.

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