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Friday Finance Followers

As many of you know from some my previous posts, I have started a side job doing web design/programming. A big part of what I am trying to get into includes WordPress support. I have been at this for a while and I have learned a lot about WordPress and theme customization. Specifically I have done a lot of work now with both the Thesis theme and Atahualpa. This work is evident in sites like this one based on Thesis, and which is based on Atahualpa. Whether you are just getting started with a self hosted WordPress install, moving hosting providers, or moving from Blogger or I can help you get through it. Working with websites and WordPress has become more than a hobby to me, honestly I would much rather be doing that then writing articles. If you need help with you blog or website drop me a line at kyle [AT] or stop by my business site

Now on to this weeks articles.

@MoneyCrashers wants to make sure you don’t let social media ruin your career. I agree with the author completely. People do not think enough about the implications what they post on Facebook. With their privacy policy constantly changing and according to some longer than the bible you never know where your information is going to end up.

@RJWeiss talks about 5 weird habits that can make you rich. The one of these habits that stuck out the most to me was the one about setting big hairy goals. Obviously I have a hard time setting goals that are hard. Just look at my goal meters over there in the sidebar, I hit those pretty early on this year. I need to sit down and come up with some big hairy goals that will really challenge my ability to save.

@InvestorJunkie says to leave investing to the professionals.  No problems with that statement here. There are too many variables I don’t understand in true investing. I currently hold an investment account where I have been buying into an No Transaction Fee index fund of the S&P 500. The costs are low because it is an index fund and I pretty much just ride whatever is going on in the markets.

@RevanchGS thinks late nights increase eating out. I would add to that that busy days equally increase eating out. It is just more convenient to eat out when you are up/out late or super busy. This can put a strain on not only your budget but your waist line so be careful.

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Some times it is important in life to concede to your spouse. In this particular case I have given in to the wishes of owning a new (new to her) vehicle. Based on our current income, debt load, and expenses there really isn’t any reason for me to deny her a car. Well except for my insane aversion to debt. So today I am meeting with a gentleman to hopefully sell my existing car, thanks CraigsList, and then hop over to the dealer to pick up my wifes new ride. She is probably getting one of the most expensive mothers day gifts ever. In all it is a great car that will chug gas like a German at Oktoberfest chugs beer. But it is what she wants and it will be a great car for toting kids around town and taking long trips. Feel free to rip me a new one for taking out a loan but enjoy some of these articles first.

@MrsMicah asks how many times do you have to fail before you succeed. This is an article after my own heart. I am currently struggling to get my web design/programming business, Suburban Media,  off the ground. I have only been able to land one client so far and it is frustrating. I am starting to explore some additional avenues of marketing and hope they work out for me.

@ExtremeJacob wants to know if you are suffering from careerism. It is a new word to me, but I am happy to report that I am definitely not suffering from careerism. To sum it up succinctly he say “the goal for a careerist is to rise as high as possible in terms of professional rank and achievement.” My goals right now don’t align with that statement.\

@Studenomics has a great roundup of personal finance advice for college graduates. I don’t usually link to roundups but there is some genuinely useful information in here. If you are getting ready to dawn the cap and gown check out these tips to help you get started on the right financial foot.

@MJTM wants to know if home remodeling is really an investment. Personally I don’t consider it an investment in the traditional sense of the word. It may not return the same amount you put in it but improvements on your home can make you stand out in a neighborhood of monotony.  If you have six houses for sale in a neighborhood but yours has improvements they may be more likely to put an offer on yours first.

@MattJabs wants you to start living on one income. I think this is a pretty great idea, we don’t do this right now but when my wife was getting ready to go on maternity leave we were pretty much living on one income to prepare for the hit.

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Sometimes I hear a quote that is just too good to pass on. This week I saw one flash across my Facebook wall that I will never forget. “After Monday and Tuesday Even the Calendar Says WTF!” So on today, the F of WTF, I salute you random person who came up with this statement that was then virally plastered on facebook walls and Twitter pages across the world. I also salute the five awesome writers who follow me on twitter, so check out their articles from this week and have a great lazy SS.

@GoBankingRates made a music video how to be a zilchionaire. I don’t really know what to say about this, other than it was pretty funny and he shouldn’t quit his day job. Live within your means or you to could become a Zilchionaire.

@JustHeather sent me  a guest post on 4 money saving tips for gardeners. As a budding gardener myself, these are some great tips I already practice. For the most part anyway I try to grow from seeds, although I haven’t gotten so good yet that I am harvesting seeds from my crops.

@FinanciallyPoor wants to know how $1,000 would change your life. I honestly don’t know that $1k would change my life all that much. I would just throw it on my second mortgage r sock it away for a vacation somewhere. Maybe that is a problem but at this point in my life $1k just isn’t going to make do to big of a happy dance.

@MrsMicah postulates on being your own boss. I think the two biggest things on this list that get a lot of people are the customer service and sales pieces. They are both necessary to running any kind of business and can be things a lot of people aren’t comfortable with.

@MoneyCrush says stop blaming outside forces. After years in collections it never ceased to amaze me how it was always someone/something elses fault that results in people getting behind. Stop pointing fingers at other people and point it where it counts, at yourself.

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Friday Finance Followers – Pollen Sucks Edition

April 16, 2010
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It is definitely spring time the trees, grass, weeds, and flowers are all mating and it makes me itch. Living in the South East pretty much guarantees you are going to be irritated by allergies at some point in the year. Right now my car is coated in a thick blanket of yellow pollen it […]

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Friday Finance Followers – Nothing Edition

April 9, 2010

Well it is Friday again, seems like the weeks just keep getting shorter and I am getting less and less accomplished. Sometimes I wonder if I am just spreading myself a little to thin. Nothing I can do about it right now though. There is too much to do to just sit around on my […]

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