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Economic Recovery Act

One Million Dollars


The picture to the right was an exhibit at a children’s museum I visited, the box contains $1,000,000 in $1 bills.  As the United States Senate ponders President Obama’s stimulus package, I am wondering what else they could do with $827 billion. It sure is a lot of money, but what does it look like in terms we can all understand:

  • 4,510,909,090,909.09 eggs
  • 260,062,893,081.76 Gallons of milk
  • 7,169,633,351.71 bottles of beer
  • 1,687,755,102.04 lbs of $1 bills
  • 32,954,545.45 miles of $1 bills laid out end to end (the shortest distance from earth to Venus is around 25 million miles).
  • $5,992.75 for every tax payer in America (based on 2007 IRS Estimate of 138 million taxpayers)
  • $2,756.67 for every person in America, assuming 300 million people.
  • 177 Nimitz Class Aircraft Carriers ($4.5 billion each, the U.S. only has 10)

Now tell me that this “Plan” is going to do more for our economy than cutting an almost $6000.00 check to every taxpayer in America, or better yet why don’t they just buy the beer and we can all get drunk and forget about the woes of our 401k.  What would you do with $6000.00, leave a comment and let us know.

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