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I am honored to be hosting the 210th Carnival of Personal Finance this week. If you missed last weeks carnival you can read it at Living Almost Large, and stay tuned for next weeks at Green Panda Treehouse. Please feel free to check out the rest of my site, and don’t forget to subscribe for free to get future updates from

I was browsing around the interwebs the other day when I saw that Punch Out is available on the Wii. I was addicted to Mike Tyson’s Punch Out as a kid and couldn’t help but jump on the opportunity to theme this Carnival after it. So check out Little Mac’s favorite submissions as well as what each of the fighters have to offer, I was going to have the Punch Out theme playing but had way to many people make comments about that being bad. So imagine the sound or Click Here for the mp3.

Little Mac’s Editor Picks

Little Mac

Name: Little Mac

Age: 17

Weight: 107

From: Bronx, NY

Record: 0-0

Little Mac is young and he likes it when people make things simple for him. Alan with Saving for Serenity did just that with his article on preparing for annual expenses.

My Two Dollars talks about When Spending Money is Worth it. This article got Little Mac’s attention because paying for movers was the best thing he did, nothing beets drinking a beer and watching someone else move your stuff.

Matt at Debt Free Adventure discusses the joy that is Pick Your Own Fruit. I have never done the pick your own thing, but it sounds like a great way to save and get some fruit to can.

The Happy Rock presents 16 Year Old Skips The Last Two Years Of High School To Play Proffesional Baseball. This is just crazy, 16 years old you need to keep your arse in school and learn something, I can’t see anything good coming from this.

Glass Joe’s Money and Saving Posts 10716-glass_joe_super

Name: Glass Joe

Age: 38

Weight: 110

From: Paris, France

Record: 1-99 (1 KO)


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