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As I mentioned in my last update on the Cost of Having a Second Child Friend and Family = Frugality. My wife had her baby shower yesterday, and the amount of stuff we got was just overwhelming. As you can see from the photo above, there was no shortage of generosity. We even picked up a car seat, and a sit and stand stroller (not pictured). It never ceases to amaze me how generous my neighbors, friends, and family are. No one had to get us anything, we just appreciate the support and the friendships, but everyone picked us up something and for that we are very grateful.

My wife can attest to the fact that I have been seriously nervous lately about how little we had for the baby, in fact we didn’t have anything but some furniture. I can sleep a lot easier now as we have the essentials to get us rolling in the event of a premature arrival. I know I have been on a deep and introspective kick lately but our friends, neighbors, and family can’t be assigned monetary values. We appreciate every one of them and they have managed to, in one night, make our lives so much easier at a time when we are worried about handling two kids, 2.5 jobs, a house, and a dog. I know that isn’t much to manage to some of you but to us it is a lot so we appreciate any help we can get.

Here is a partial list of everything we picked up, a great list of things you could expect to need when you are expecting:

Stroller (Sit N’ Stand) so both kids can ride

Car Seat (Not an option, a necessity)

Bouncy seat

Tub Seat (So the baby can sit in the Tub with our other son)

Acitivity Center

Changing Pad + Cover

Bottle Starter Pack + 3 6oz and 3 9oz bottles

Bumbo Chair (don’t ask)

Bottle/Nipple Brushes

Diaper Bag




Bottle Warmer



Baby Shampoo

Formula Portioner/Storage

Pacifiers and a Pacifier Clip

Baby Carrier

Mirror for the Car

Onsies and other assorted clothes

I can check all of these things off my list of needs/wants and concentrate on getting everything else ready for our new addition. I know several people out there are getting married, like a baby shower you are going to see an outpouring of generosity from your friends and family. Be thankful for your friends though, not what they get you. They are still your friends.

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Another month has gone by with us doing very little on the baby purchasing front. Last month we bought furniture and continued to pay towards our prepayment of doctors fees.  This month we haven’t picked up very much but for a good reason. Here is the break down of our spending since the last update:

Toy (Gift from Big Brother):  $14.99

Travel Pack & Play Sheet: $8.99×2

Diaper Organizer: $9.09

Doctor Prepayments: $150

Total at Last Update: $1,888.36

Ongoing Total: $2,180.42

Friends and Family = Frugality

This is where I am glad my wife’s friends and neighbors laugh in the face of tradition. Typically people say that you should only have a baby shower for the expectant mother for her first baby. My wife will be having a baby shower next week put on by our neighbors, who rock. Showers, wedding, baby, or otherwise are like putting money in the bank. Here is where you count your blessings for the things you would otherwise have to pay for. My last update included a list of things you need, and some things you don’t need. This is your opportunity to identify a lot of those smaller needs/wants and even a few of the bigger ones. If your are lucky father to be your wife will even let you run around the store with the scan gun registering for all the bibs, diapers, wipes, bottles, pacifiers, and other bits to your hearts content. Here are some of things we registered for, feel free to buy me something 🙂







Bottle Warmer

Baby Carrier

Car Mirror (So you can see the rear facing baby)

Balmex (For Diaper Rash

Bouncy Chair (seems unnecessary but was magic with our firstborn)

And a few other big ticket items.

We don’t necessarily need all of the things on our registry but they are certainly things we could use. I am sure there are a few things we have stored from our first child that we forgot about, I will find them if they don’t come off the registry. Our biggest remaining expenses are going to be the car seat, possibly a combo stroller (so both kids can be rolling in one stroller), and hospital expenses not covered by insurance. We have already prepaid for the delivery fees from our doctors office but there will be additional expenses at the hospital which won’t be covered by insurance. This is something all expecting parents should expect and try to account for with a separate savings account or other tracking method.  We are going to be getting back our monitor and we still have a portable play yard from our first child so those are a few expenses we don’t have to incur.

It is hard to believe but our little guy is going to be here probably in the next 6-8 weeks and I don’t feel prepared yet. Kind of scary.

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It is hard to believe but we are almost into the third trimester for our second baby. It is amazing how different this pregnancy has been over the first, it isn’t every second about the coming baby and up until last week the only evidence around the house of the coming child was my wife’s increasing belly. As I covered in my last update we have only been prepaying for the doctor’s fees for delivery, at which time we had spent $599.43. Before I get into what we have spent since then I would like to talk about a few of the items you probably need for a baby. I say probably because everyone’s situation is different.

Baby Monitor – Unless you have a very small house and are never outside while your baby is sleeping you are going to want a monitor. You don’t need the super fancy motion sensing alarm monitor (we have that one) but just a monitor that works. At night they aren’t necessary because we are just down the hall, but we spend a lot of our evenings outside.

Diapers – There is now way around it, you need diapers. You can get disposable or cloth but babies poop and pee alot. If you are getting disposable diapers you can start picking up some diapers early I would get 1’s though and not newborn. The newborn diapers don’t usually last very long.

Crib/Bassinette – Aside from peeing, pooping, and eating, babies sleep. You are going to need a place for them to do that.

Bottles – You need a few bottles, even if you choose to breastfeed. Unless you are going to ALWAYS be around to feed you need a few bottles to fill with expressed milk for when you are away. If you are bottle feeding you need quite a few bottles of varying sizes. We had fancy bottles with like six parts and that sucked. We also had some cheap like $1 Gerber bottles, they were the only thing he would drink from for the first 1-2 months.

Receiving Blankets – These little blankets are awesome for swaddling unhappy babies, and they are relatively inexpensive so pick up a few.

A few things you don’t need:

Burp Cloths – You don’t need a bunch of fancy pretty burp cloths, but you do need something. We use 1 package of the thicker cloth diapers for burp cloths. The best part is when the baby gets older you can use those  same cloths for cleaning around the house.

Wipe Warmer – Your baby is probably not going to like being changed, having a warm cloth on his bum isn’t going to make it better so leave it at the store.

Fancy Thermometer – Those fancy, and expensive, temporal thermometers do not provide the level of accuracy you want for your infant. Invest in a decent rectal thermometer that reads fast. While your baby doesn’t like being changed, they are going to hate having a stick in their bum even more.

Walker – My son never used a walker and frankly I don’t see how it could possibly help anything.

Diaper Pail – Poop stinks! But it stinks just as much in a fancy trash can as it does in a regular one. Skip the expensive container and just change the trash regularly.

Baby Detergent – I have sensitive skin, so does my son. But why pay a premium for Dreft when you can use All Free and Clear with the same effect. Skip the fancy detergent and use a Free and Clear, and to save use it for everyone in the house.

Shopping Cart Cover – If you just said a What? That is good. You touch these dirty things all day long, then your baby. It isn’t going to help to throw a peice of fabric from your trunk on the cart.

What We Have Bought So Far

Last week we started getting the babies room ready for it’s new occupant. We (meaning I) painted the room Jalapeno Jelly, it is a shade of green that matches a blanket we picked up from Target. With our first child we bought one of those $400+ dollar crib bedding sets, we spent a lot less this time around. I am a frugal guy but when it comes to baby furniture I am a firm believer in buying something that will last from birth till they get out of the house. To that end we buy convertible crib sets to use all the way up to High School Graduation. We really lucked out because my son’s crib got recalled and we got a rebate off the purchase of a new crib. My son is almost three and he is already in a full size bed so we didn’t have to get rid of the old one. Here is a list of what we have spent since my last update:

Comforter – $21.99

Sheet – $6.99

Bumper – $19.99

Blanket – $9.99

Crib – $399.99 – $369.99 Coupon from Recall = $30.00

Chiffarobe – $549.99

Dresser – $499.99

Medical Expenses – $149.99

Total Since Last Update: $1,288.93

Previous Total: $599.43

Cumulative Total: $1,888.36

So what do you think? Did I go overboard on the furniture?

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Cost of Having a Second Child

April 10, 2009

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