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My bracket got blown out of the water a long time ago, I don’t have a single pick in the final four this year which is craziness. I don’t follow basketball that much but I usually do better at picking than this.This weeks theme is the Final Four, we will take a look at each of the teams who are going to battle it out for the chance to be in the final.

I take this carnival very literally so if your post wasn’t included it wasn’t a story or your story wasn’t about money.


The blue devils are probably the favorite to win at this point having finished the regular season ranked 3rd in the AP. Getting their tournament bid as the ACC champions they are no stranger to the big game. They have three national championships under their belt with the most recent coming in 2001.

Monevator talks about tackling your mental beliefs to help you earn more money. This was an interesting story where the write talks about how they stopped increasing their income when they reached the salary of their father. I wonder if I would act the same way, I still have a ways to go to get their though.

The thought never occurred to me that leaving the country for an extended period could wipe out your credit. This was a good piece over at the smarter wallet on how you can build your credit up when you don’t have any.

Silicon Valley Blogger talks about how she was an accidental entrepreneur and gives out some business advice. The one thing I really took away from this article was “Don’t think it is easier than your regular job.” That is true in so many ways.

Tom over at the Canadian finance blog tells a tale of a loaf of bread. I know it doesn’t seem very finance related at first but the end point is about how society over complicates things, that includes finance.

PT over at PTMoney talks about his friend who lost his credit card and what you should do if you lose yours. These kind of tales of lost cards are all too common, it is important to know what to do when you lose your card or your wallet.

West Virginia

West Virginia finished the regular season ranked 6th in the AP polls and got their bid as the Big East Champs. They have made 23 appearances in the tournament with their best finish as the runner-up in 1959. Having a played a solid season they have made a big improvement over 2009 where they finished only the 1st round of the tournament

Short, sweet, and not so sexy post from Budgets are Sexy adds on the ongoing saga of someone who filed bankruptcy then blew $250 after foreclosing on their house. J. Money is of the mindset they need a Financial intervention, and personally I agree.

Kelly, the stay at home mom CFO, had a terrible disaster happen, her TV Broke. In her post titled Math Class is Tough she talks about making the decision to not raid their emergency fund and to start saving cash to buy a new TV. More power to her, I don’t know if I could do it.

Joe’s wife told him they WERE going to get some new patio furniture this year. He does a good job of explaining how a penny saved is better than a penny earned. It makes sense that you can buy things by saving more money without increasing your income.

Ever go through a drive through and get home only to find out something is missing? That is just what happened to Lynnae but she did something most of us don’t she made an effective complaint about the problem. She talks about what happened and ways you can peacefully resolve complaints when it happens to you.

Butler Bulldogs

Butler made their way into the tournament as the champions of the Horizon League. They finished the regular season 32-4 and were ranked 11th by the AP. Prior to this year they had never finished better than the Sweet 16 and have made only 10 tournament appearances. Last year they didn’t make it past the 1st round of the tournament.

Oil and Garlic Blog talks about expanding personal finance teaching out of the realm of those already interested in finance. They make a good point in that most people who write or otherwise frequent finance blogs are already interested in money. How can we help those people who aren’t already actively seeking help?

Derek wrote a guest post over at Bible Money Matters telling us to stop faking it. In the post he discusses how he got a “new” car right out of college and how he learned to overcome that consumer need and eradicate his debt.

Frugal Dad talks about his recent quest to purchase a new air compressor. He highlights the tricks stores use to get us to pay more for the things we buy. It was a little eye opening when you see things called out like the infamous 10/$10 deals at Kroger. Incidentally you don’t have to buy 10 to get the discounted price.

Are your kids more generous than you? That is the question Craig’s wife Jeri is asking over at Money Help for Christians. I think most kids are more generous than their adult counterparts. They see someone with a need and want to fill that need. Adults over complicate the issues.

FMF talks about a bad experience with Comcast customer service that was saved after a tweet. Personally there is only one company in the world I refuse to ever do business with again, and you guess who they are but I am glad to see they are helping at least some people in customer service, even if it takes a comment to a Twitter user with 75k followers to get it.

Money Beagle talks about how it pays for them to recycle. They offer a similar service in my area but I would have to switch garbage providers and then pay for the recycling service so it would be a wash for me.

Michigan State

Michigan State is no stranger to the tournament. They entered the tournament this year on an at large bid but they finished 2009 as the runner up in the tournament. With two previous championships and 23 previous tournaments they have the experience edge over Butler.

Daniel bought a light bulb three times, not just any light bulb but a $7 light bulb.  I don’t know that I have anything in my house that takes a $7 light bulb and I can definitely see where he his kicking himself for buying the one he got three times.

WC covered the third installment of them trying to buy a house. This is a typical tale of the “perfect” house not looking so perfect after you sleep on it a little bit. To make it worse they had a pushy Realtor.

Alvin Tam did something I would not bring myself to do, he went homeless for 24 hours. The idea was to overcome a fear of becoming homeless by living as a homeless person. It was an extreme method but it seems to have worked for him. It is scary to think about what it would be like to truly be homeless and I don’t think 24 hours would really do justice to that kind of life.

Thanks for looking through this weeks Carnival of Money Stories. Be sure to get your submissions in for next weeks carnival being hosted by Bucksome Boomer.

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I am honored to be hosting the 74th Money Hacks Carnival this week. I have hosted quite a few carnivals now and I continue to be impressed by the shear number of articles that are out there that I missed out on during the week. I chose another quirky theme for this weeks carnival, Saturday Morning Cartoons. I can’t remember if any of these cartoons actually aired on Saturday morning, most likely they didn’t but either way here are a few of my Editors picks followed by the rest of the carnival with my cartoon facts scattered throughout.

Editor’s Picks

Jason R Fisher presents Teaching Kids about Money I posted at Improve The Quality. I am a huge fan on ensuring our young our educated about money and understand the implications of debt. That is why I couldn’t resist this as an editors pick.

Heather Levin presents How To Make Your Own Vermicompost Bin posted at The Greenest Dollar. I found this post quite Ironic as I was just having a discussion with Matt from Debt Free Adventure about vermicomposting. I still don’t think my wife would approve of worms in the house though.

The Happy Rock presents Just Buy It Already! Fighting Indecision On Big Purchases posted at The Happy Rock. The Weakonomist snuck into my editors pick via this killer guest post on The Happy Rock. A great look at how sometime it is best to just bite the bullet and make that purchase.

Wojciech Kulicki presents Saving More vs. Insuring More posted at Fiscal Fizzle. This post made me think about my own musings in “Why Self Insurance is Crap“. Good points here for both sides though, each has its place.


The Smurfs

Ran from 1981-1990

Around 256 episodes

Consisted of little blue creatures who lived in mushroom houses. They had an archenemy in Gargamel who was always trying to catch the little creatures. Anyone looking for a live action movie idea, this one is the only one listed here which hasn’t been done.


Joe Plemon presents Is Direct Selling Right For You? posted at Personal Finance By The Book.

Money Beagle presents Financial Moves In The Event Of A Job Loss posted at Money Beagle.

MLR presents Top Interview Blunders posted at My Life ROI, Getting the Best Return On Life.

FMF presents Is Writing a Book a Good Career Move? posted at Free Money Finance.

nissim ziv presents Why Did You Choose This Career – Interview Question and Answers posted at Job Interview Guide.

Debt & Credit

Paul Kamp presents Putting a Mortgage in Reverse posted at Don’t Quit Your Day Job.

Dan presents How to Get a Mortgage Rate Under 4% posted at Everyday Finance.

J. Money presents Borrow From Yourself First. posted at Budgets are Sexy..

Patrick @ Cash Money Life presents Benefits of Secured Credit Cards posted at Cash Money Life.

MatthewPaulson presents Cash for Clunkers: Can it Reduce Your Need for Vehicle Financing posted at Fine Tuned Finances.

Leave Debt Behind presents How to Get a Collection Agency to Work with You posted at Leave Debt Behind.

DR presents The College Student’s Guide to Credit Cards posted at The Dough Roller.

Matt Jabs presents Pay off Credit Cards VS Build Emergency Fund Savings – Me VS Suze Orman posted at Debt Free Adventure!.

The Smarter Wallet presents Credit Monitoring Services To Check Your Credit Report posted at The Smarter Wallet.

Brad presents An Inconvenient Myth: The Marketing Effect posted at Enemy of Debt.

Miss Bankrupt presents Dating Bad Credit posted at Miss Bankrupt.

oneadvice presents IVA Bank Accounts posted at One Advice.



Ran From: 1981-1984 (Original Series)

The transformers is about two sets of alien robots, the autobots and the decepticons. Most famously they have recently had the oddly successful real life movies. They also had a separate TV series Transformers Beast Wars.






Frugality and Saving

Barry presents Saving Money With Do It Yourself Projects posted at Associate Money.

MoneyNing presents How to Buy a Used Car posted at Money Ning.

Wren Caulfield presents Moving? Save time and money with these great tips. posted at True Adventures in Money Hacking.

d. ninja presents Underwear emergency fund, check! posted at Punch Debt In The Face.

julie presents Parenting Tips: Making Sure Your Children are Financially Literate posted at More4kids.

mbhunter presents Wegmans, Costco, trading down, and trading up posted at Mighty Bargain Hunter.

Single Guy Money presents Quitting Smoking Update posted at Single Guy Money.

Kathryn presents Spend a Little, Save a Lot posted at Out of Debt – Christian Finances and Debt Help.

Miss Bankrupt presents Personal Budget Cuts and My Options posted at Miss Bankrupt.


KCLau presents Why the worse classmates are wealthier than you? posted at KCLau’s Money Tips.



G.I. Joe

Ran From:

Yet another of my favorite child hood cartoons that got bastardized into a live action movie. G.I. Joe Rise of the Cobra is coming out soon and I am more than a little bit scared to even try to watch it.





Jason presents What is the Average Cost of Car Insurance for a Teenager? posted at Finance, Credit, Insurance and all.


Allison Johanson presents The ETF Hall of Fame: 25 People Who Revolutionized the ETF Industry posted at ETF Database.

Zachary Scheidt presents Short Interest Stocks – Distressed Investment Opportunities posted at ZachStocks.

Travis presents Retirement Costs Less Than You Think posted at Christian Money Mountain.

Carlos M. Sera presents An Expert Tale; Turn Around posted at Financial Tales.

jim presents Scottrade Review posted at Blueprint for Financial Prosperity.

Tom Drake presents Build A Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) Ladder posted at The Canadian Finance Blog.

ChristianPF presents Info about ETFs posted at Christian Personal Finance.

Ray @ Financial Highway presents Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA) Ideas posted at Financial Highway.

DebbieDragon presents I Want My Share! posted at 7 Million 7 Years.

Investing School presents CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) posted at Investing School.

Silicon Valley Blogger presents OptionsHouse Review: Low Commission Broker posted at The Digerati Life.

Banker Saver presents Is The Inflation Protected Certificate of Deposit Still Around? posted at Banker Saver.

Madison presents The Automatic Poorhouse posted at My Dollar Plan.

Sun presents A Look at OptionsHouse for Stocks and Options Trading posted at The Sun’s Financial Diary.

Hank presents The Best And Worst Places To Squeeze Out A Little Extra Money When Times Are Tough posted at Own The Dollar.

Paul Kamp presents For Whom The Bell Tolls posted at Don’t Quit Your Day Job – Personal Finance, Economics and Investing.

nickel presents Best CD Rates posted at

Zachary Scheidt presents Stock Rally Could Continue Higher posted at ZachStocks.


Robert D Flach presents 1040 FYI – Gross Proceeds and Cost Basis at The Wandering Tax Pro.


Alvin and the Chipmunks

Ran from 1983-1991

A story of three chipmunks trying to make as a singing group,. They lived with there father Dave, most recently they are known for their movie where Jason Lee starred as the real life Dave Seville.





Marie presents How Emergency-prone are you? posted at Moneymonk.

Four Pillars presents Keep Your Emergency Fund In A High Interest Savings Account posted at Four Pillars.

Darwin presents Median vs. Mean: Know the Difference or Risk Being Manipulated posted at Darwin’s Finance.

The Weakonomist presents Six Lessons The Tour de France Can Teach You About Money posted at Weakonomics.

Amy Fontinelle presents 11 Actions You Can Take To Improve Your Airplane Experience posted at Two Pennies Earned.

Jeff Rose presents Taking Care of an Elderly Parent posted at Jeff Rose.

PT presents How to Setup Multiple Savings Accounts at ING DIRECT posted at Prime Time Money.

Luke Grand presents Calculating Your Annual Budget posted at Cash Out Life.

Kathryn presents Beware! 15 Common Scams That Can Steal Your Money posted at SpendOnLife.

Alex presents ways to prevent identity theft posted at Home Life Weekly.

B Simple presents 12 Success Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires to help you simplify your finances posted at Simplified Financial Lifestyle.

That is it for this weeks carnival, be sure to get your submissions in for next weeks carnival hosted at My Life ROI.

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Welcome to the tenth Carnival of Money Stories, for those of you who may have missed it in the mayhem surrounding the death of Michael Jackson, TV lost one of the greatest pitchmen ever, Billy Mays. Billy passed away on June 28th at his Miami home he was famous for his crazy loud voice and his extreme enthusiasm for the products he pitches. In honor of this late great TV personality I will highlight some of the products he was famous for pitching.

Editor’s Picks



Mighty Putty is probably the only product I have really thought about buying. I was convinced by his demo’s on this product that I could put anything in the world back together with it. It looks like C4 but it makes superglue look like Elmers Glue.






My Jobs, Graduate School posted at Free Money Finance. FMF Talks about the jobs he had during graduate school, interesting article.

Jim presents My Wife Quit Her Job posted at Bargaineering. A great look at what it means for Jim and his wife now that she has quit her job to pursue a doctorate.

MLR presents The Three Most Influential Lessons From My Childhood posted at My Life ROI. This article reminds of why I like this guy, we are a lot alike as I am similarly situated. Of course of 5 children I was the only one who learned the lessons.

The Rest



I can’t knock oxi-clean because I haven’t tried it, but I am pretty sure that if I spill coffee on my shirt and then immediately throw it in the wash it is going to come out. I can never believe these “stain” demo’s. Still this is one of the most famous pitches Billy did.






Curt lists How Two People Can Work Together To Build One Career posted at

Madison presents How to Get Control of Your Budget posted at My Dollar Plan.

Save Money presents Revising and Simplifying My Budget (One More Time) posted at How I Save

Pinyo presents Chase Minimum Payment Increased To 5%, Now What? posted at Moolanomy Personal Finance.

Jeff Rose presents What Are Your Best Roth IRA Rates? posted at Good Financial Cents.

PT presents Paying Off Student Loan Debt Early posted at Prime Time Money.

Jack Schmidt presents Real Estate: The Time to “Buy Low” Is Now posted at SectorMatic Money Journal.



OK Seriously, a fancy drill bit to dig a hole in the ground? I think the only thing that would happen if I tried to use that thing is a broken drill. Still he made it look easy and I am sure people bought the heck out of it.







Joe Plemon presents No Retirement Plan and I’m 48 Years Old posted at Personal Finance By The Book.

MoneyNing presents What to Do When Money Conflicts with Ethics posted at Personal Finance Blog by Money Ning.

d. ninja presents It’s all about the benjamins baby! posted at Punch Debt In The Face.

debt kid presents Why You Need an Emergency Fund posted at

Matt Jabs presents Emergency Fund Is For Emergencies ONLY – 6 Ways To Leave It Alone posted at Debt Free Adventure!.



This is probably the weirdest thing I ever saw Billy pitch. I know i can make little hamburgers without the assistance of a giant piece of iron like this. This is one of those products that just leaves me wondering who buys this stuff. Again though Billy just makes it sound like you can’t live without it.






The Happy Rock presents Getting Old Can Be Expensive – The Big Birthday Bash posted at The Happy Rock.

Silicon Valley Blogger presents I Need A New Credit Card Fast posted at The Digerati Life.

Patrick @ Cash Money Life presents Life Is A Stradivarius Violin posted at Cash Money Life.

Miss M presents Watching the Spender Become a Saver posted at M is for Money.

Mr Credit Card presents Airline Transaction Gone Bad posted at Ask Mr Credit Card.

I apologize to anyone I left out but I tried to stick as close to the carnival guidelines as I could. Be sure to get your submissions in for next weeks carnival to be hosted at Bible Money Matters.

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Carnival of Pecuniary Delights 15 – Epicurean Delights Edition

July 9, 2009

Welcome to the 15th edition of the Carnival of Pecuniary Delights. Because I find the word pecuniary so interesting, which by the way it just means “of or pertaining to money” I thought I would use an epicurean theme for this weeks carnival. The word epicurean, as defined by the great means fond of […]

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PF Chat and Top PF Posts

June 10, 2009

Two side notes for today I wanted to highlight while I had the chance. 1.) Kelly at The Centsible Life had the great idea to hold a Personal Finance Twitter Chat tonight at 8pm (ET). So if you are around and have a Twitter account you should stop by and ask your questions or just […]

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