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Carnival roundup


There were some great personal finance carnivals around the interwebs this week I managed to participate in quite a few of them and in no particular order here they are:

The Carnival of Money Stories hosted by Simply Forties had “Suburban Genie: My Three Financial Do Overs“

Carnival of Personal Finance at Funny about Money ran my story “Frugal Tips for Visiting Theme Parks“

Festival of Frugality hosted by Start Living Frugal had “Do it yourself and Save – Boat Ownership“

Money Hacks Carnival at Man Vs. Debt posted “Review: An American Hedge Fund“

Stop by and check out the carnivals. I am going to be hosting of have hosted these carnivals so look for that in the future.

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We got back from Disney World yesterday, now I think I need a vacation from my vacation. I have been sorting through email, RSS feeds, and comments (all three of them). I am sorry for the short week on posts but I had left my charger at home and my netbook has the battery life of about two hours. I am back now and working on getting things back in my natural flow. Here are some great articles I missed out on during the week as well as this weeks carnivals.

Free Money Finance had an article showing why Spending Less Than you Earn Really Works

Get Rich Slowly has a piece on Learning to Do it Yourself written by J.D.’s Wife.

My Life ROI runs a weekly comic if you haven’t checked it out, you should

Finally Green Panda has an article on Starting a Side Business While Looking for a Job

Can’t Miss Carnivals

Earn What You Spend hosted the Carnival of Personal Finance #204 which included my article What is a Mortgage Broker

Baker at Man Vs. Debt hosted the Carnival of Twenty Something Finance – Backpackers Edition with my article Par Rates, Mortgage Points, and PMI

MyLifeROI ran the Money Hacks Carnival – As American as Apple Pie with my article Fixed vs ARM Rate Mortgages.

Gather Little by Little hosted the revived Carnival of Money Stories including my article Comparison Shopping – a Real Life Example

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I only participated in two carnivals this week, it was a slow week for my participation but a great week for the carnivals. So if you haven’t had a chance to check them all out here they are, the two I participated in first then the rest in no particular order.

Carnival of Personal Finance #201 was hosted at Mighty Bargain Hunter, who mentioned it is still Financial Literacy month.

Money Hacks Carnival was hosted by The Personal Finance Playbook it was the first time they had hosted a carnival I think it turned out pretty well.

Festival of Frugality was hosted at MyLifeROI this week. he had his wisdom teeth out right before it got posted and was hopped up on painkillers which makes for a great carnival.

Carnival of Pecuniary Delights #4 went up at Living Well on Less. It is hard to believe it is only the fourth installment of this carnival it sure has taken off.

Next week I plan to participate in a couple more carnivals than I did this week. Enjoy your weekend I am going to be laying on a boat in the lake for two days straight drinking a few frosty beverages and spending time with my Wife and Son.

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