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Welcome to the tenth Carnival of Money Stories, for those of you who may have missed it in the mayhem surrounding the death of Michael Jackson, TV lost one of the greatest pitchmen ever, Billy Mays. Billy passed away on June 28th at his Miami home he was famous for his crazy loud voice and his extreme enthusiasm for the products he pitches. In honor of this late great TV personality I will highlight some of the products he was famous for pitching.

Editor’s Picks



Mighty Putty is probably the only product I have really thought about buying. I was convinced by his demo’s on this product that I could put anything in the world back together with it. It looks like C4 but it makes superglue look like Elmers Glue.






My Jobs, Graduate School posted at Free Money Finance. FMF Talks about the jobs he had during graduate school, interesting article.

Jim presents My Wife Quit Her Job posted at Bargaineering. A great look at what it means for Jim and his wife now that she has quit her job to pursue a doctorate.

MLR presents The Three Most Influential Lessons From My Childhood posted at My Life ROI. This article reminds of why I like this guy, we are a lot alike as I am similarly situated. Of course of 5 children I was the only one who learned the lessons.

The Rest



I can’t knock oxi-clean because I haven’t tried it, but I am pretty sure that if I spill coffee on my shirt and then immediately throw it in the wash it is going to come out. I can never believe these “stain” demo’s. Still this is one of the most famous pitches Billy did.






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Jeff Rose presents What Are Your Best Roth IRA Rates? posted at Good Financial Cents.

PT presents Paying Off Student Loan Debt Early posted at Prime Time Money.

Jack Schmidt presents Real Estate: The Time to “Buy Low” Is Now posted at SectorMatic Money Journal.



OK Seriously, a fancy drill bit to dig a hole in the ground? I think the only thing that would happen if I tried to use that thing is a broken drill. Still he made it look easy and I am sure people bought the heck out of it.







Joe Plemon presents No Retirement Plan and I’m 48 Years Old posted at Personal Finance By The Book.

MoneyNing presents What to Do When Money Conflicts with Ethics posted at Personal Finance Blog by Money Ning.

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This is probably the weirdest thing I ever saw Billy pitch. I know i can make little hamburgers without the assistance of a giant piece of iron like this. This is one of those products that just leaves me wondering who buys this stuff. Again though Billy just makes it sound like you can’t live without it.






The Happy Rock presents Getting Old Can Be Expensive – The Big Birthday Bash posted at The Happy Rock.

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I apologize to anyone I left out but I tried to stick as close to the carnival guidelines as I could. Be sure to get your submissions in for next weeks carnival to be hosted at Bible Money Matters.

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