Friday Finance Followers – WTF Edition

Sometimes I hear a quote that is just too good to pass on. This week I saw one flash across my Facebook wall that I will never forget. “After Monday and Tuesday Even the Calendar Says WTF!” So on today, the F of WTF, I salute you random person who came up with this statement that was then virally plastered on facebook walls and Twitter pages across the world. I also salute the five awesome writers who follow me on twitter, so check out their articles from this week and have a great lazy SS.

@GoBankingRates made a music video how to be a zilchionaire. I don’t really know what to say about this, other than it was pretty funny and he shouldn’t quit his day job. Live within your means or you to could become a Zilchionaire.

@JustHeather sent me  a guest post on 4 money saving tips for gardeners. As a budding gardener myself, these are some great tips I already practice. For the most part anyway I try to grow from seeds, although I haven’t gotten so good yet that I am harvesting seeds from my crops.

@FinanciallyPoor wants to know how $1,000 would change your life. I honestly don’t know that $1k would change my life all that much. I would just throw it on my second mortgage r sock it away for a vacation somewhere. Maybe that is a problem but at this point in my life $1k just isn’t going to make do to big of a happy dance.

@MrsMicah postulates on being your own boss. I think the two biggest things on this list that get a lot of people are the customer service and sales pieces. They are both necessary to running any kind of business and can be things a lot of people aren’t comfortable with.

@MoneyCrush says stop blaming outside forces. After years in collections it never ceased to amaze me how it was always someone/something elses fault that results in people getting behind. Stop pointing fingers at other people and point it where it counts, at yourself.

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