Swagbucks Spend Like Real Bucks – Sort Of

A while back I wrote about just what a swagbuck is. At the time I hadn’t earned enough bucks to get any Swag out of the deal and to be perfectly honest with you I wasn’t entirely convinced of the usefulness of the site. It turns out you can really turn those bucks into cash. Figuratively anyway. I recently converted my earned bucks into $15 in Amazon gift cards which I used to by a car mount for my iPhone. It was something I wanted but wouldn’t normally fork the cash over for. Here is how I earned the bucks:

1.) Straight Searching

Straight searching is the easiest way to earn SwagBucks. I have configured swagbucks.com as my default search engine in Chrome and installed the toolbar in FireFox. This way I am always using their engine to perform my searches.

2.) Referrals

Right now I have a total of 5 referrals  but only one of them is really cranking out the bucks. Referrals have netted me a total of 627 swagbucks. That is five bucks for not even doing anything at all.

3.) Other Stuff

Every now and then I get a few SwagBucks for having the toolbar installed, or on a rare occasion I will pick up some using a SwagCode I found. Most of the “other” stuff takes a lot of effort that I just haven’t found myself willing to exert. I am sure i could get SwagBucks quicker if I looked for the SwagCodes everyday but I prefer to just keep on keeping on.

The fact is you can easily earn enough of these SwagBucks to convert the pretend money into tangible objects you actually want. So what is stopping you? Get out there and start earning some swag today.


1 Gina April 28, 2010 at 10:50 pm

You can make them even MORE like real bucks if you use them to reduce your budget by purchasing things you would buy anyway. You said you wouldn’t have shelled out the money for the phone mount, but you can just as easily use those Amazon GCs for groceries, diapers, and more. Swagbucks have had a great impact on my family budget!

2 Forest April 29, 2010 at 10:02 am

I really wanted to run with Swagbucks but was thwarted by being in Egypt where you can only get bucks for image search (I rarely do this!)….. I may have to take it for a bigger test drive though and see if I can get some referrals as I seem to read many good reviews.

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