Friday Finance Followers – Spring is in the Air Edition

Well spring has finally made it to the south east. Or should I call it summer? It is supposed to be around 84 today in my little section of East Tennessee and I am super excited and a little irritated. I am not convinced the cold is over. We typically have had a late freeze the last couple of years so I am holding off on my garden and hoping for the best with my peach trees, blueberries, and blackberries. All I can do is enjoy what I have now and wait for the cold to hit back. I didn’t get very many submissions this week for my roundup so here is what I did get:

@MrsMicah Lets us know why she doesn’t want to be an entrepreneur.  I think she makes some great points, I am personally struggling with the “finding clients” piece right now. I am still new though so I am hoping things flip to the positive for me at some point in the year.

@TaxTweet talks about the upcoming deadline for the expiration of the homebuyers tax credit. I agree with her that we can’t continue to artificially prop up industries and have the problems get resolved. We need to let nature run its course and just let the chips fall where they may.

@GenYWealth has created a massive decision tree on the importance of asset location. Decision trees can be daunting pictures but hopefully they result in you coming to the right conclusions. I followed the tree and it would appear that I am not properly allocating my assets. I am currently putting 13% into my 401k while my employer only matches 6%. My wife contributes to a ROTH IRA but we don’t max it out.

This week I failed in the carnival department and only got in on the Festival of Frugality hosted at Frugal for Life with my post Do you want an iPad

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1 Guy G. April 14, 2010 at 8:51 pm

It’s so true that spring is in the air. And I can bike again! And, I’m saving money!
It wasn’t until this week that I was actually practicing one pf my tips on budgeting about how to save on fuel costs and get fit. I am cycling to work a minimum of 2 times a week now to get back in shape. The side benefit is that I will save money on gas. I figured out that I’ll save about $10 for every 4 round trips. So, that’s at least $20 a month.
Ah, I love spring.
.-= Guy G.´s last blog ..Grocery Saving Tips – Tips on Budgeting =-.

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