Wealthy Bloggers – March 2010

For some reason there always seems to be people hating on net worth calculations. I understand some of the issues with it, particularly related to the iliquidity of some of the assets included in the calculations.

I personally don’t include any fixed assets in my net worth. No house and no cars. I do include retirement accounts because they are “cash” accounts which will provide cash flow in the future. I don’t think you can simply look at current cash, you have to also consider what you are putting away as future cash flow. The net worth calculation certainly isn’t the end all be all calculation of our success or failure with our finances but steady increases in your net worth is a good judge of your ability to save for the future.

SiteNet WorthVariance
Deliver Away Debt-46,572.50+$10,321.39
Poorer Than You-36,827.00+$4.00
Money Funk-21,829.00+$1,867.00
My Pretty Pennies6,458.00NRY
Spilling Buckets6,507.00+$3,600.00
Couple Finance24,261.00+$871.00
Punch Debt in the Face33,525.00+$3,291.00
One Guys Money37,970.00+$3,040.00
My Money Shrugged48,479.65+$2,168.46
Carrie on the Cheap65,128.00NRY
Suburban Dollar71,548.00+$4,633.00
One Mans Money73,303.34+$5,529.60
A Gai Shan Life101,679.99+$522.99
The Financial Blogger111,813.00+$3,368.00
Financial Samurai115,800.00+$20,307.00
Budgets are Sexy136,496.68-$1,537.30
Money Really Matters259,214.80+$9,128.7
Living Almost Large281,119.64NRY
Consumerism Commentary314,525.00+$17,116
Million Dollar Journey424,250.00+$6,950.00
Boston Gal559,984.66+$10,171.08
2Million Blog613,782.03+$14,954.78
Free by 50628,503.00+$1,155.00
Money Blue Book679,654.00+$54,543.00
Enough Wealth775,200.00+$32,800***
Sun Financial Diary916,561.08+$33,920.68

***The net worth was converted from Australian dollars to US Dollars using WolframAlpha.


1 Financial Samurai March 9, 2010 at 9:24 am

Thanks for compiling Kyle. Cash is king! I’m a hater of all other methods, b/c it puts people in delusion illusion mode.

You don’t want to wake up when you’re retired one day and ask “Where did it all go?” due to some market downturn or what not. Everything else is play money, and that includes stocks, 401k, private equity investments, and your rental properties if you haven’t paid off the mortgage yet.


.-= Financial Samurai´s last blog ..The Mental To Physical Connection For A Healthier Lifestyle =-.

2 Credit Card Chaser March 12, 2010 at 2:11 am

Cash is king…. but in periods of inflation/hyperinflation I would certainly feel comfortable with holding as many appreciating and income producing assets as possible…
.-= Credit Card Chaser´s last blog ..Warren Buffett’s $50 Million GEICO Credit Card Business Loss =-.

3 Money Funk March 9, 2010 at 6:29 pm

Although I felt my increase did well this month, I see some significant increases of Net Worth in here that I wish I could be a part of. I’m in the $1,000 club while others are in the ‘millionaire club’. 😉

Thank you, Kyle for putting this together. I rather enjoy watching the blogger NW trends.

I need to go find out how Money Blue Book and Sam are throwing their chump change in the pot. LOL.
.-= Money Funk´s last blog ..Menu Plan Monday: Weight Loss Happy =-.

4 Financial Samurai March 10, 2010 at 10:50 pm

Sun Financial Diary gave me half of my increase! lol
.-= Financial Samurai´s last blog ..The Mental To Physical Connection For A Healthier Lifestyle =-.

5 Kevin@OutOfYourRut March 9, 2010 at 10:34 pm

WOW! Since they’re all PF bloggers, methinks you just shifted the axis of the PF world toward the blogs on the bottom of the list!

If we’re looking for inspiration and leadership, who better to learn it from than the people who have mastered it.

On the other hand, there’s so much to be said for reading the accounts of those working they’re way up.
.-= Kevin@OutOfYourRut´s last blog ..Why It Might Be Better to OWE on Your State Income Tax Return =-.

6 moneyhoneysf March 10, 2010 at 4:45 pm

Thanks for the compilation.

My net worth shows that I am house rich but cash poor. When I started my net worth calculation, I had omitted my mortgages. However, one of the bloggers mentioned that it was not an accurate way to reflect one’s net worth. So after including my mortgages, my net worth skyrocketed. Which i like. Haaa.

.-= moneyhoneysf´s last blog ..February 2010 Net Worth Update =-.

7 Financial Samurai March 10, 2010 at 10:53 pm

Shout out to Jeff from Deliver Away Debt for killing it percentage wise! By July 4th, you will have a positive net worth, yes? It will coincide with the end of part I of The Yakezie Challenge!
.-= Financial Samurai´s last blog ..The Curse Of Making Too Much Money And Not Pursuing Your Dreams =-.

8 A.J. March 29, 2010 at 9:43 am

I agree with your decision not to include the house and other illiquid assets, but then to be fair, you should also exclude long-term debt associated with those assets (except for the portion due within one year). It would also be helpful to calculate it both ways: one with all the illiquid stuff, and the other without it.

Do you know how much consistency there is among the blogs you’ve listed here?
.-= A.J.´s last blog ..THE PAY TSAR =-.

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