Friday Finance Followers – Happy Birthday Mr. Washington

George Washington

On Monday I will be celebrating the birth of our first President under the United States Constitution, George Washington, by staying at home and not working. I don’t complain about anytime I get paid not to work but shouldn’t we call it something else? George Washington was born on February 11, 1731 (Julian Date) or February 22, 1731 by our current calendaring system (Gregorian for those who care).  “We” used to celebrate his birthday on his birthday from 1879-1968, Congress then decided we should have our holidays on Mondays so we can get more three day weekends. Good decision on their part, except for this year when February 22 comes on a Monday.

For those of you wonder why I added in the “Under the United States Constitution” it is because there were in fact presidents prior to G.W. The first true president of the United States under the Articles of Confederation that formed the new country was Samuel Huntington, 1st President of the United States in Congress Assembled. He was followed by 9 additional presidents prior the original G.W.

That is enough history for the day, here are this weeks links:

@The_Weakon0mist clues the world in on just how sexy it is to save in China. I can’t complain about a post that includes a miniskirt  Sometimes the factors that drive people’s finances aren’t really all that economical. If money is the only way to distinguish yourself from the other 15 men trying to woo the same girl, you horde it. Sounds to me like China may be breeding themselves out of society.

@SimplyForties is making me want to go on vacation again talking about Disney on a Budget. The last time I went to Disney I was fortunate to have some connections that landed me some good discounts, I still spent more than the $1600 this article talks about. Neat comparison though on what you can do at Disney for $1,600.

@Matt_SF discusses the Cash Flow Equation. Monthly I cover the net worth of many of the personal finance bloggers out there but net worth doesn’t necessarily show how well you are managing your money. Monitoring your cash flow will show you where you are spending more than you bring in. This article even includes some suggestions on how to adjust if your cash flow is to far in the red.

@BSimple gives us the keys to winning the personal finance super bowl. I am all for personal finance sports analogies. This was a good job not only predicting the outcome of the superbowl but giving some solid advice to get ahead in your finances.

@Flexo keeps his money in a wide variety of accounts. I used to feel bad about the number of banking accounts I have opened to hold my cash. Then I read this post and realized Flexo has more. I am pretty sure I will never have enough cash to meet my FDIC limits at all my banks, it would take at least a couple million in cash.

Deals of the Week 80% off + $15 FTD Floral Award

Lending Club $25 Lender bonus and Reduce borrower rates

Updated ING Direct Referral codes

Options House 100 Free Trades Offer extended


Carnival of Personal Finance was hosted at Get Rich Slowly this week and featured my video review of Crush It!

Festival of Frugality was over at Sweating the Big Stuff where I got to be a Quarterback with my post 3 Websites that Save me Money.

Money Hacks Carnival ran on Need Money Tips with my article on How Long to Keep Tax Returns


1 SimplyForties February 12, 2010 at 9:28 am

Nice roundup Kyle, thanks for including me!

2 Kyle February 12, 2010 at 9:29 am

No Problem, I love me some Disney.

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