Friday Finance Followers – Snow Bunny Edition

Snow Boarding

About the time you are reading this post I should be gearing up for my first ever snowboarding lesson. If I end up in a position like the guy in that picture then I am most likely falling down the mountain and coming home with some casts on. I am super stoked about learning something new, well probably more stoked about a kid free vacation and eating at some new places but still excited. Only thing I am afraid of is liking it too much. The costs of going to decent mountain and boarding aren’t exactly what one would classify as a frugal vacation. I plan on having a blast, while I am doing that you guys/gals can check out this weeks Friday Finance Followers Posts:

@KateAshford brings the concept of marrying for health insurance to our minds. I had heard of marrying for citizenship, marrying for money, and of course marrying for love, but this was a new one to me. I understand the ladies situation but I agree with Kate’s points. If she would put the same effort into finding a job with benefits that will be OK with her ailment she wouldn’t have to sell herself into wedlock.

@EverydayFinance asks how much you could cut your budget if you were to get laid off. This is one of those thing I have actually thought about. When you look at your emergency fund it should be adequate to cover the ESSENTIALS. That means ditching everything that isn’t necessary to keep yourself afloat. Great list of how much that could save you.

@RJWeiss explains the wealth effect and why you should be wary of it. I had never really thought of it as a true blue phenomenon but I guess it is. In case you guys missed this housing bubble bursting, home equity != cash. I don’t even spend more when my income increases let alone if by some miracle my home value went in a positive direction.

@EvolutionWealth explains life insurance banding. I had no idea this kind of thing actually goes on but it makes a little bit of sense. Kind of scary that you could possibly have gotten 100k of life insurance coverage cheaper than you got your 87k policy for.

@MoneyEnergy tells us what to expect from the stock markets for February. Personally I don’t take a lot of stock in predictions on stocks. But she makes some good points that I can’t really argue with. I think the idea is to be generally specific about generalities when talking about future possibilities in the markets. No matter, it is still good to soak up as much perspective as you can.


The Carnival of Personal Finance was hosted at Cash Money Life this week and my post When You Fall Behind on Your Mortgage was included.

The Money Hackers Carnival was over at Passive Income Now where KKatz’s guest post Can you Build Credit History without a Credit Card was an editors pick

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1 MoneyEnergy February 7, 2010 at 11:19 pm

Thanks for sharing my article! I agree, it’s unrealistic to think you can make specific concrete predictions about the direction or amount of any given stock, but you can still try to know as much as possible about the factors that go into whatever will make the stock move… it’s interesting to me, anyway:) Hope you had a good snowboard trip!

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