Net Worth – December ’09 Update

For some reason November was an extremely rough month for me financially. We had several bills float in from the birth of our second child that we weren’t planning on having to pay. Additionally my dog was ill and now I am pulling up lame with a pulled muscle in my lower back. My posting has been far less frequent than I would like but I have been heavily preoccupied with some time sensitive projects at my real job. I hope to start to get things back on track this month provided my back pain subsides enough to where I am not taking pain killers and muscle relaxers, they make me a little to tired to do much. As a result of my infrequent posting and absence from Twitter i seem to have lost quite a bit of traffic and I am none to happy with that. On the flip side I am hosting the Carnival of Personal Finance on Monday so get your submissions in early so I am not up late on Sunday.

The money issues from the previous month are reflected more in the savings reduction then anything else. The steep drop in the 401k is due to my not having access yet to view my wife’s new IRA account.

Cash Savings$13,817.00-$1,824.00
Roth IRA$3,390.00+$164.00
Home Value$235,000.00+/-$0.00
Credit Cards$1,112.00-$1,477.00
Student Loans$8,111.00+/-$0.00
Net Worth$59,430.00-$5,558.00


1 Financial Samurai December 3, 2009 at 5:23 pm

Kyle – Sorry to hear about your back problems. I had debilating problems as well, until I read this book that changed my life. “Healing Back Pain, By Dr. Sarno”

You can read about my story and decided for yourself. I’ve been pain free for 8 years now.


2 Financial Samurai December 4, 2009 at 6:04 pm

Kyle – I take this back. Please delete both of my comments, and don’t bother reading this book. Go to a chiropractor or a physician instead.

Please remove.

Thnx, Sam

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