Friday Finance Followers – Fall Edition

Fall is officially here. Last weekend we enjoyed 75 degree weather and sun, this week fall made sure we knew it was around by dropping the temperature and making the sun disappear. The trees are almost all bare and turkey’s are being purchased. The scariest thing for most of us is the impending onslaught of Christmas shopping. Every year we tell ourselves we are going to prepare better yet somehow December 25 always seems to sneak up on us. Guess what people it is the same day every year! Either way it is a time for family fun and eggnog, here are some posts from my Twitter family:

@Elle_CM tells us about handling our finances in today’s economy .
This write up doesn’t have to be specific to the current economic downturn these are good tips you should be doing regardless of the economy.

@clarifinancial tells us what extreme sports could affect our life insurance rates. I am a self proclaimed CS when it comes to the more extreme sports like skydiving so I don’t have to worry about that. I wasn’t aware things like scuba diving could affect your ability to get life insurance though.

@brianscheur took his first trip shopping with coupons. unfortunately this typeof experience seems to be all to common when people hit the grocery store. Like anything else it will go easier when you plan the work and then work the plan.

@moneymatters gives us 20 ways to stay on track to achieve our financial goals. There are some pretty solid tips in here, probably the most likely to work is telling someone about hour goals. Once you tell someone you have accountability, especially if they start asking how you are doing.

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