Friday Finance Followers – Almost Saturday Edition

Wow, so it is funny how not planning ahead well enough can catch up with you. I have been super busy with my day job. I have a deadline that cannot be extended for any reason so I spent my supposed half day working to get my reports finished only to be delayed by forces outside of my control. As a result I wasn’t able to get this post together when I wanted. But hey better late than never right. I mean I have 15 minutes left or so until Friday is over so it can still be my Friday Finance Followers post. These are some of the best submitted by the great tweeple that follow me on twitter.

@Matt_SF tells us traders know its a gold bubble, why don’t you. I have said in the past but this gold thing seems a little crazy to me. I agree it is a bubble poised to bust so where do you stand?

@MoneyRelation asks what is your relation with money. I don’t really know what my relationship is with it, I just know we need it to get through our lives. I work hard to earn it and play hard to spend it.

@MrsMicah ran a guest post this week about lessons learned from their first job. Personally I can’t even write in public the things I learned from my first job. None of them had anything to do with discipline, ethics, or being a good employee. Makes sense though that my boss was later arrested for selling drugs.

@RJWeiss teaches us how to re-balance our 401k’s. I don’t know much about investing, this is a great resource article to have in your pocket when it comes time to reallocate your investments and get things together.

@Green_Panda talks about how she dealt with potentially stolen credit cards without canceling them. I had never thought about freezing my cards like this. I always just cancel them and wait on the new ones to come in mail.

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1 Bucksome Boomer November 15, 2009 at 11:40 am

Thanks for including my guest post at Mrs. Micah. You got me curious, what was your first job?

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