Friday Finance Followers – Wacky Webbies Edition

It’s Friday and it has been a wacky week for me here at SuburbanDollar. Typically the best days for traffic are middle of the week when people are sick of working and prefer browsing the internet to keep themselves busy. Friday’s are usually slow because I do just a roundup post and people are busy trying to wrap up what they put off from earlier in the week. This week however I had a banner traffic day, thanks to StumbleUpon, on Sunday. It was quite strange and it was all related to an article I published on Freeganism. The article got picked up on SU and tagged as an extreme sports article. Apparently if you tag something as extreme sports you get some view. The below graph represents the last 7 days of traffic. As you can see I still haven’t mastered the art of getting people to come back because I have seen no increase in my regular traffic. We can’t all be Baker, even though I wouldn’t mind having his traffic.


Enough about me, lets see what the tweeple that follow me on twitter had to offer this week.

@FiscalFizzle Wants you to send the SWOT on your money. The picture is very intimidating but the post is about applying the strategic planning method known as SWOT to your personal finances.

@MoneyRelation asks if you spend more when you have cash. I know a lot of people use the “envelope method” or the cash only method of spending. For me if I have cash in my pocket it gets spent. Mainly because there is no record of my transaction and my wife can’t ask where it went.. 🙂

@MoneyHighway says money brings unhappiness. I think money itself brings neither happiness or unhappiness. It is an inanimate object, however, what you do and you look at money directly affects how you let it affect you.

@LeanLifeCoach wants to know what we are really paying for. What costs, in addition to the product itself, are you funding when you buy something. Interesting look at the things that affect the cost of the goods we buy.

@heyagainlando took a look at 11 Google Docs templates and calculators. I will freely admit that I had no idea there were Google Docs templates. These could be pretty handy, especially the loan amortization one. Check them out for yourself.

@EvolutionWealth gives us 6 reason to buy insurance online. I don’t know that I would always recommend buying online, but it can be beneficial for sure.

Deals of the Week

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1 Sam November 6, 2009 at 2:22 pm

Thanks for sharing great links on interesting posts about saving money, making a better budget, and fine deals that can only be found online. It’s always a treat to see what one is going to learn new each day, especially when it comes to better ways of saving and spending one’s limited funds during really hard times.

2 Evolution Of Wealth November 7, 2009 at 8:45 am

Thank you for including my post. It was an attempt at a satire. I guess I need to work on that.

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