Net Worth – November ’09 Update

October is gone and my house is full of candy, I have a complete and utter lack of will power so I seem to be eating anything that catches my eye. Things have settled down with the new baby and we are getting back into our routines. We have had some minor developments over the last month. My wifes 401k and Roth IRA are getting rolled into an IRA of some sort. I am hazy on the details and haven’t figured out how I can log in see what is what with that account. Will have to wait until my wife gets the info so I can update those numbers.

You will also notice we have taken on a bit of a Credit Card balance over last month. I assure you it will be gone before the month is out, we had a family “emergency” and my dog has had some pretty major health issues. We plan to get it knocked out before the interest hits we just didn’t want to draw down our savings. All things considered I am impressed we managed to have a gain at all, next month things should look even better.

Cash Savings$15,641.00+$1,990.00
Roth IRA$3,226.00+/-$0.00
Home Value$235,000.00+/-$0.00
Credit Cards$2,589.00+$2,589.00
Student Loans$8,111.00-$201.00
Net Worth$64,988.00+$1,978.00

If you are wondering about the Wealthy Blogger list, don’t. It will be out for everyone’s viewing pleasure on Monday. I am trying to post it later so I don’t have to keep going back in and adding people. I should have a couple of new additions this month as well.

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