Friday Finance Followers – MC Kyle Edition

An interesting fact about me, I was shy and hated meeting new people or being forced to introduce myself to anyone. This actually made me a horrible networker and lucky to have been able to finagle my way into a job. When I was in college and they make you take one of those speech classes I actually passed out in the middle of a speech I was so nervous about talking to 25 people. This past week I spent two days entertaining 300 people between speakers who were a hell of lot smarter than me.  The crazy thing about it was my complete lack of nerves. I just didn’t care anymore. I guess working in a profession that requires constant interaction with virtual strangers has helped me more than I thought. Age helps too I guess but I look back and am amazed at how I managed to stand on that stage and not make a total fool out of myself, at least not unintentionally anyway. I digress lets do a roundup shall we.

Just a side note, I get the articles for these Friday roundups from my twitter followers. If you want to be included some time you have to follow me first. I don’t base my themes on anything, just what ever happens to be going through my mind at that very moment. It just so happens that ever now and then I get an article submitted that hits right on my theme like the first one below:

@FourPillars who lives in the stat… err country of Canada wrote a great post about working with computer nerds. I personally prefer geek over nerd. When you say nerd it makes me think of Revenge of The Nerds.  The first bit of his article hits right on with my quasi theme. The other right on piece is the interesting problems portion. I would rather work on solving everyone’s “impossible” tasks than anything else. It challenges my mind.

@CentsibleLife went through a site redesign, and helps us out by telling us how to prevent the flu. Her list is spot on, I don’t risk it so my wife, son, and I have all gotten the standard flu shot. When the H1N1 hits our doctors office we will be in line for that one as well. We have a 7 week old who can’t get any flu shots so the best defense for him is for us to go on the offense.

@Matt_SF gives us the skinny on why investing in emerging markets can be dangerous. I have said it before and I will say it again, “I don’t know much about investing.” I am glad people like Matt do and can help the rest of us out to understand it. I try to focus my investments on the emerging market of Kyle, that way I know what I am investing in 😉

@MyLifeROI lays out the top 10 college degrees by demand. I am super glad to see so many tech degrees on the list. It means I have a chance if my boss ever gets pissed at me and fires me. This biggest thing to realize is that while jobs are slim right now there are a TON of companies who have workforces where there are entire decade gaps in the workforce. That means when people start to retire they are going to have to snatch up new recruits and higher than normal rates.

@EvolutionWealth asks what does putting off saving for retirement for three years really mean. Personally I think it depends on why you are putting it off. If you are putting it off just to be lazy, get off you ass and get on it. If you are doing a massive debt reduction that will allow you to not only invest more, but cost you less in retirement then it may be well worth it.

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