Friday Finance Followers – Eat More Chicken Edition

I love those Chick-fil-a cows, I don’t know why but they have it right. Have you ever looked at the price difference between a steak and a chicken breast? Seriously it is freaking ridiculous. Isn’t there a lot more meat on a cow? My wife is not a red meat person so we don’t really eat a lot of steak around here. The few times we do buy beef I cringe at the cost. Listen to those Chick-fil-a cows and eat more Chikin. If you don’t really know what Chick-Fil-A is check out this video.

Let’s check out this weeks links from the personal finance blogosphere, some weeks I have to beg for posts, this week I had to weed them down. Thanks to everyone who submitted to be included, hey there is always next Friday. I had a first this week, someone submitted two posts that weren’t their own, I loved this selfless act that got me two great posts to link to.

@joetaxpayerblog submitted Bakers aptly titled post “Bend over and I’ll show you where you can stick your rewards” where I left a comment about some $20k pots I own. Joe also submitted a post by Mrs. Micah where she asks “Why care about debt freedom?

@MyLifeROI who has been at this about as long as me, although not surprisingly more successful went all inspirational on me with a great post “A Guide to Greatness”. I want to be great, and this was a great post.

@BSimple wants things to be simplified, but here is a list of reasons people give for not simplifying their finances. People make excuses for everything it seems. Even those things that might help them improve their financial situation.

@Green_Panda ran a guest post this week covering what comic book characters taught about finance. I am not a comic book guy, I know someone who, who knows someone who is pretty famous for comics, but that is as close as I get. Great illustrations, no pun intended, for handling finances though.

Deals of the Week

The deals listed here can be found on, if you are interested in keeping up with the latest deals subscribe to my deals feed.

Zecco is offering up to $1,000 when you open a Forex trading account and meet their restrictions. is running a 10% off deal with coupon code for orders over $65.


A great week for carnivals this week, I went a little crazy and submitted to most of the carnivals going on. Here is where I ended up.

Carnival of Pecuniary Delights – Editors Pick Baby

Carnival of Personal Finance

Festival of Frugality

Money Hacks Carnival

Carnival of 20 Something Finances

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