Wealthy Blogger List – October Updates

It is October and things are on the up and up for most of us on the list. The markets didn’t suck completely and housing prices quit free falling. It would be a lot better if unemployment would quit getting higher and there were some good economic news. I am still working to create a visual representation of the list, I also wasn’t able to get the data for a few of the sites because I couldn’t get to NetworthIQ.

One note, the data for Flexo, Consumerism Commentary, is misleading. He pulled all business related money out of his calculations and as opposed to editing my past posts I am just showing it as a one time loss.

Last Updated: 10/06/2009

Site Net Worth Variance*
Poorer Than You ($38,901.00) – $358.00
Savings not Shoes ($14,100.00) + $5,739.00
Spilling Buckets ($1,961.37) + $2,771.00
My Pretty Pennies $1,846.00 + $753.00
Punch Debt in the Face $19,173.00 + $2,985.00
My Money Shrugged $36,702.25 + $2,199.15
Carrie on the Cheap $53,308.00 + $3,195.00
One Mans Money $53.536.19 + $3,411.14
Mapgirl $63,132.00 + $2,758.00
Suburban Dollar $63,010.00 + $4,310.00
DonetoZen $87,023.91 – $3,320.54
Budgets are Sexy $126,207.64 + $6,397.59
Happy Money Medium $173,282.28 – $67,428.27
Pantsinacan $214,966.00 + $10,651.00
Consumerism Commentary $223,377.00 – $51,596.00
My Money Blog $316,227.00 + $30,629.00
Million Dollar Journey $379,000.00 + $10,250.00
Boston Gal $521,803.22 – $4,029.82
Money Blue Book $537,762.00 + $27,918.00
2million Blog $566,830.01 +$25,475.75
Free By 50 $638,974.00 +$7,450.00
Enough Wealth A$788,688/$692,800(USD) +$46,600.00
Sun Financial Diary $726,638.74 + $32,811.62

*Variance is as of last months update, I am working on a chart of historical net worth’s, it is pretty boring right now though so I haven’t included it. NRY = Not Reported Yet

If you want to be added to my list send me an e-mail, I will add you if you regularly post updates to your net worth on your blog. I am going to shoot for updating the listing monthly or at the least quarterly.

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1 kenyantykoon October 7, 2009 at 8:38 am

you know I have been thinking, if all these bloggers came to the country that I currently live in, they would all be multimillionaires. and so would be all the other financial bloggers that post about their net worth.

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