October ’09 Update

September is gone, I have a second son now, and I have been struggling to grow my reader base. It seems what worked to get me where I am is not working to get me where I want to go. In that vein I am trying to expand my reach an bring a little bit more publicity to the site through guest posts. I hope they actually get accepted and posted, if not oh well I will post them here.

It is good to see things continuing to move in a positive direction, hopefully the markets won’t tank too much and I can actually see some real growth.

Cash Savings $13,652.00 +$481.00
Roth IRA $3,226.00 +$81.00
401k $48,106.00 +$2,279.00
Home Value $235,000.00 +/-$0.00

Credit Cards $0.00 $0
Mortgage/Second $228,662.00 -$472.00
Student Loans $8,312.00 -$997.00

Net Worth $63,010.00 +$4,310.00

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