Friday Finance Followers – 200 Posts Edition

Sometime last week I posted my 200th post on For some reason that milestone amazes me, on top of that I had my 50,000th page view yesterday.  While my subscribers continue to increase traffic has dropped a little bit this past week. I am not sure if it is Football or what but I expect a slow week next week as well since TV is coming back on. Have a great weekend and enjoy these reads from my tweeple.


@The_Weakonomist proves once again he knows a lot more than me when he explains what peak oil is. I agree with his assessment though, if we start to run low on our reserves we are just going to get better at getting the hard stuff to grab.

@heyagainlando explains 9 reasons you still need cash. I need cash to get out of my parking garage at the office, too buy hot dogs at football games, and to tip the … oh wait this is a family site 🙂

@EvolutionWealth Thinks a 30 year mortgage could be better than a 15. I don’t necessarily agree with the logic, as a non investor I don’t think I am gaining anything with a 30 year mortgage and most people are going to spend the difference not invest it.

@Matt_SF Gives us 10 reasons why we should hire an accountant. I hate paying people to do things for me, I dont’ know why but I just hate it. I always try to do it myself, this is a good list though of reasons why you might not want to go it alone.

@ModernTightwad has some easy ways to cut expenses. I am not sure about the feasibility of some of these suggestions but they will certainly help you cut expenses.


I hosted the Carnival of Money Stories this week and participated in the following carnivals:

Carnival of Pecuniary Delights @ Pecuniarities

Carnival of Personal Finance @ Simply Forties

Festival of Frugality @ The Good Life on a Budget

Suburban Deals

I started this week so I thought I would highlight a couple of the offers I have posted. Make sure you subscribe to the separate deals feed to get updates on the deals and offers because they won’t show in my regular feed. I updated the feed links so you will get the deals feed if you are on the deals site or looking at a deal.

Free eBook – “Investing Made Simple”

Win $5,000 with UPromise

Get 20 Free Trades when you sign up for a Zecco Account


1 Zengirl September 19, 2009 at 4:05 am

Congratulations on your 200th post!! That is a great milestone to reach. You got great content here. Keep up the great work. I am inspired.

2 Simple Llama September 21, 2009 at 11:45 pm

Any way you slice it, 200 articles is a TON of writing and hard work – congrats on making it this far. Especially considering that this is still a pretty new site, you’ve been hard at work since it started.

50k pageviews in the short time is impressive too. Got any tips you want to share? 😛

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