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I have been busy while on paternity leave working on some new features for Suburban Dollar. I rolled out most of these features last night and between that and a fussy newborn I don’t think I am going to get a regular post out today. I have summarized the new features below starting with the most labor intensive.

Suburban Dollar Deals

I have launched a new subdomain, This new “site” will feature any deals or promotions that I come across which I feel people may be interested in. If you follow me on Twitter you may have already been seeing these deals come across today. If you are an RSS Subscriber you aren’t going to see these offers and promotions. I did this on purpose because the original intent of this site was not to post deals and promotions but to provide knowledge and guidance. If you are currently an RSS subscriber to my Main Content you can also add my Deals Feed so you don’t miss out on these great offers. Right now I AM including these posts in the main index page at Suburban Dollar but I am open for suggestions on if you think that is OK or not. I want to reiterate, if you want to get updates on deals and promotions you need to subscribe to my deals feed they won’t come in your regular feeds.

Suburban Dollar Glossary

I have started building a glossary of finance related terms. I am doing this to ensure people reading my posts are able to fully understand the topics I write about. I am notorious for using terms that I assume other people have heard of, if I build a glossary of these terms I can make sure that readers can easily access a definition. Right now the Glossary is pretty light and includes basic terms like APY , Par Rate, Adjusted Gross Income, and Certificate of Deposit . If you want to browse the glossary there is handy link up in the header or just go here.

Review Ratings

I have added a ratings widget to the end of my Review posts to allow the readers to provide their own assessment of the product, book, or service that I am reviewing. If each of my readers provides their own ranking of the product then the value to each reader is significantly increased. Be sure to stop by my review posts and rate any of the products you have used.

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