Friday Finance Followers – Back to Work Edition

Today is the last day of my “paternity” leave, starting on Monday I will be back at work slaving away. It has been an exciting two weeks with the new addition to our family but i think I am ready to get back into my regular schedule again. We have had family in and out for the last two weeks which makes it hard to get work done while entertaining family. Things should calm down next week, until then enjoy these articles from some of the people who follow me on Twitter.

@TheHappyRock asks the question, Is Capitalism Always the Answer? I love it when people write those articles that make you think

@Green_Panda discusses Mortgages and Interest Rates. This post reminds me of my Mortgage Week posts, it is a great look at the basics of mortgages.

@JoeTaxPayerBlog had a guest post on Roth IRA’s at Bible Money Matters. If you are looking for a simple explanation of this investing option you should check it out.

@EvolutionWealth explains When Returns Lie. This is the second part a of a two part article, check out both bits.

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