Wealthy Blogger List – September 2009 Update

Another month has flown by and it is time to update the Wealthy Blogger list yet again. It is good to see a steady increase over the last couple of months in the community. While I don’t think it is necessarily indicative of recovery I think it is a sign of things to come.

Last Updated: 09/09/2009

Site Net Worth Variance*
Poorer Than You ($38,543.00) – $558.00
Savings not Shoes ($19,839.00) NRY
Spilling Buckets ($4,732.76) + $885.00
My Pretty Pennies $1,093.87 + $925.87
Punch Debt in the Face $16,188.00 + $2,519.00
My Money Shrugged $34,503.10 – $1,670.37
One Mans Money $50,125.05 + $5,473.52
Carrie on the Cheap $50,113.00 + $3,768.00
Suburban Dollar $58,700.00 + $4,444.00
Mapgirl $60,374.00 – $442.00
DonetoZen $90,344.45 +$7,616.95
Budgets are Sexy $119,810.05 +$6,599.16
Pantsinacan $204,315.00 + $6,991.00
Happy Money Medium $240,710.55 +$1,372.56
My Money Blog $285,598.00 + $37,386.00
Consumerism Commentary $274,973.00 + $18,999.00
An Honest Million $348,516.00 NEW
Million Dollar Journey $368,750.00 + $6,150.00
Money Blue Book $509,844.00 + $47,964.00
Boston Gal $525,833.04 + $10,417.68
2million Blog $541,354.26 +$16,337.57
Free By 50 $631,524.00 +$15,234.00
Enough Wealth A$753,147/$646,200(USD) +$54,900.00
Sun Financial Diary $693,827.11 + $29,424.84

*Variance is as of last months update, I am working on a chart of historical net worth’s, it is pretty boring right now though so I haven’t included it. NRY = Not Reported Yet

If you want to be added to my list send me an e-mail, I will add you if you regularly post updates to your net worth on your blog. I am going to shoot for updating the listing monthly or at the least quarterly.

**Conversion rates change regularly so while there was an overall increase in the net worth for Australian dollars, the relative value in USD decreased due to fluctuations in the conversion rate. Sorry Mate.



1 Connie September 10, 2009 at 1:40 pm

Hey, I am all about figuring out the percentage increase from last time.

The top 5 increases were:

Punch Debt in the Face 15.56%
My Money Blog 13.09%
One Mans Money 10.92%
Money Blue Book 9.41%
DonetoZen 8.43%

So, I’m off to Punch Debt In the Face, because we all know that “Past performance is necessarily indicative of future results”

2 Debt Ninja September 29, 2009 at 2:49 am

Haha, I just read the comment above me. Although I had the largest percentage increase over last month, that doesn’t really mean much. Especially when my net worth is so small. If you have a net worth of $1,000 and increase by $500 the next month you would have a 50% gain which is great, but I’d still rather learn from the guy that gained $5,000, even if it is only a 5% increase 🙂

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