September ’09 Update

Another month has blown by and with it has come great changes to my family.  I wish I could say great increases in my net worth came with it, but they haven’t. We are still concentrating on eliminating our student loan debt so we can focus on the second mortgage. My wife and I have both agreed to recenter and improve our focus on eliminating these “consumer” debts. It is easy to become distracted when you are trying to get ahead, the key is to realize you have become distracted and refocus. Stay tuned for this month’s update to the Wealthy Blogger list.


Cash Savings $13,171.00 +$251.00
Roth IRA $3,145.00 +$58.00
401k $45,827.00 +$3,074.00
Home Value $235,000.00 +/-$0.00

Credit Cards $0.00 $0
Mortgage/Second $229,134.00 -$867.00
Student Loans $9,309.00 -$194.00

Net Worth $58,700.00

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1 MoneyEnergy September 10, 2009 at 11:46 am

Congrats on slowly getting ahead! I agree about getting distracted and how hard it can be to stay focused.

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