Friday Finance Followers – Back to Running Edition

This past week has been great here at SuburbanDollar. I have enjoyed kicking off my Back to the Basics series and am loving the fact that people seem to be enjoying the articles. Right now I should have four more topics to develop for next week and then we will see from there. In addition to working on the Back to the Basics series I have started back up running again. Running has been something I enjoyed since I was in junior high recently however I have fallen off the wagon and quit running. My decision to get back into running was spurred by my desire to run a full marathon and I hope to accomplish that goal in March of 2010. My secret project I mentioned last week is a blog, Suburban Running, where I chronicle my journey from a sedentary life to a marathon runner. Hop on over there and check it out, and if you are really adventurous subscribe to the feed. Enough about me, on with the posts of the week:

@modertightwad asks “What is an Emergency.” An in depth look at when you should or shouldn’t dip into your emergency fund.

@stephonee can appartenly stuff an entire apartment into an Oldsmobile. She talks about how to pack your stuff into your own car. If I tried to accomplish this task I would have to be the proud owner of an 18 wheeler.

@centsiblelife would probably have a hard time moving her stuff now that she is going from a two to a one car household. It wouldn’t really save me any money at this point to do this, both our cars are paid for, but I can definitely see the advantages. Isn’t America the only place where two car households are common?

@heyagainlando says “Think Twice Before Settling Your Credit Card Debt” I fully agree. Think about the ramifications on your life anytime you are considering asking for a reduction in the amount of money you owe a company. They have to treat that difference as a charge off on their books and they are going to make certain the credit bureau knows what went down.

@fiscalfizzle posted a great list of 55 things you can do to simplify your finances. I love lists, especially ones that help me to simplify your life.

The Carnivals

The carnival of personal finance was at Almost Frugal this week and included the wealthy bloggers list.

J. Money with Budgets Are Sexy hosted the Carnival of Money Stories which included my post “Never Underestimate the Value of Family and Friends.”

It’s Frugal Being Green hosted the Festival of Frugality including Chicken’s in Suburbia.

The Money Hacks Carnival was at Personal Finance by the Book and included my post Bank Failures by the Numbers

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