Never Underestimate the Value of Friends and Family


As I mentioned in my last update on the Cost of Having a Second Child Friend and Family = Frugality. My wife had her baby shower yesterday, and the amount of stuff we got was just overwhelming. As you can see from the photo above, there was no shortage of generosity. We even picked up a car seat, and a sit and stand stroller (not pictured). It never ceases to amaze me how generous my neighbors, friends, and family are. No one had to get us anything, we just appreciate the support and the friendships, but everyone picked us up something and for that we are very grateful.

My wife can attest to the fact that I have been seriously nervous lately about how little we had for the baby, in fact we didn’t have anything but some furniture. I can sleep a lot easier now as we have the essentials to get us rolling in the event of a premature arrival. I know I have been on a deep and introspective kick lately but our friends, neighbors, and family can’t be assigned monetary values. We appreciate every one of them and they have managed to, in one night, make our lives so much easier at a time when we are worried about handling two kids, 2.5 jobs, a house, and a dog. I know that isn’t much to manage to some of you but to us it is a lot so we appreciate any help we can get.

Here is a partial list of everything we picked up, a great list of things you could expect to need when you are expecting:

Stroller (Sit N’ Stand) so both kids can ride

Car Seat (Not an option, a necessity)

Bouncy seat

Tub Seat (So the baby can sit in the Tub with our other son)

Acitivity Center

Changing Pad + Cover

Bottle Starter Pack + 3 6oz and 3 9oz bottles

Bumbo Chair (don’t ask)

Bottle/Nipple Brushes

Diaper Bag




Bottle Warmer



Baby Shampoo

Formula Portioner/Storage

Pacifiers and a Pacifier Clip

Baby Carrier

Mirror for the Car

Onsies and other assorted clothes

I can check all of these things off my list of needs/wants and concentrate on getting everything else ready for our new addition. I know several people out there are getting married, like a baby shower you are going to see an outpouring of generosity from your friends and family. Be thankful for your friends though, not what they get you. They are still your friends.

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