Cost of Having a Second Child – Update 2


Another month has gone by with us doing very little on the baby purchasing front. Last month we bought furniture and continued to pay towards our prepayment of doctors fees.  This month we haven’t picked up very much but for a good reason. Here is the break down of our spending since the last update:

Toy (Gift from Big Brother):  $14.99

Travel Pack & Play Sheet: $8.99×2

Diaper Organizer: $9.09

Doctor Prepayments: $150

Total at Last Update: $1,888.36

Ongoing Total: $2,180.42

Friends and Family = Frugality

This is where I am glad my wife’s friends and neighbors laugh in the face of tradition. Typically people say that you should only have a baby shower for the expectant mother for her first baby. My wife will be having a baby shower next week put on by our neighbors, who rock. Showers, wedding, baby, or otherwise are like putting money in the bank. Here is where you count your blessings for the things you would otherwise have to pay for. My last update included a list of things you need, and some things you don’t need. This is your opportunity to identify a lot of those smaller needs/wants and even a few of the bigger ones. If your are lucky father to be your wife will even let you run around the store with the scan gun registering for all the bibs, diapers, wipes, bottles, pacifiers, and other bits to your hearts content. Here are some of things we registered for, feel free to buy me something 🙂







Bottle Warmer

Baby Carrier

Car Mirror (So you can see the rear facing baby)

Balmex (For Diaper Rash

Bouncy Chair (seems unnecessary but was magic with our firstborn)

And a few other big ticket items.

We don’t necessarily need all of the things on our registry but they are certainly things we could use. I am sure there are a few things we have stored from our first child that we forgot about, I will find them if they don’t come off the registry. Our biggest remaining expenses are going to be the car seat, possibly a combo stroller (so both kids can be rolling in one stroller), and hospital expenses not covered by insurance. We have already prepaid for the delivery fees from our doctors office but there will be additional expenses at the hospital which won’t be covered by insurance. This is something all expecting parents should expect and try to account for with a separate savings account or other tracking method.  We are going to be getting back our monitor and we still have a portable play yard from our first child so those are a few expenses we don’t have to incur.

It is hard to believe but our little guy is going to be here probably in the next 6-8 weeks and I don’t feel prepared yet. Kind of scary.

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1 sandra July 23, 2009 at 11:46 pm

yeah yeah I know….WE ROCK:)
Looking forward to this baby shower. Hope you need the stuff I got you off the baby registry.

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