Friday Finance Followers – Back to Carnivals Edition

Every Friday I try to highlight five articles submitted by some of the people who follow me on twitter so follow me and you might find your blog here next week.  For some reason I have been crazy lax in submitting to carnivals lately so this week I not only hosted one but I participated in a few as well. Check out all of these carnivals after you read up on my crazy good Friday Finance Followers.

@FiscalFizzle hooked it up with 6 Financial Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs.  This a great list of things you really shouldn’t do at all if you are trying to get ahead in the world

@Green_Panda did another one her financial guru reviews, this time she reviewed Ramit Sethi. You know who he is don’t you? He is that crazy cat who wants to teach you to be rich. Read this article to find out a little bit more about him.

@Matt_SF Had a great piece on False Claims of Being Green Built. I have thought about this issue before and I like the way he put it out there. Just because somebody says something is “Green” or “Green Built” doesn’t necessarily make it true.

@The_Weakonomist has some issues, it seems the Kiplinger BS is Really Getting to Him. A summarization wouldn’t do this article justice. Check out why he his upset.

@FreeFromBroke explains why Credit Scores Matter More Than you Think. From your potential employer to your cell phone company, everyone cares about your score, so should you.

The Carnivals

I hosted the Carnival of Money Stories – Tribute to Billy Mays Edition on Monday. There were some great submissions, be sure to check them all out.

The Carnival of Pecuniary Delights at WiseBread ran my article Protect Your Identity – It Starts at Home

The Festival of Frugality at M is for Money has my post Three Meals one Bird

Carnival of Personal Finance at Man Vs. Debt had my article about Paying Off Your Mortgage Early

Next week I am hosting the Money Hacks Carnival, so get your posts in and help me rock out another carnival.

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1 The Weakonomist July 17, 2009 at 10:19 am

Thanks for the love. It felt REALLY good to write that.

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