4 Ways My iPhone has Increased My Productivity

I have been using my iPhone now for a little over a week and it is by and far the most amazing piece of equipment I have ever purchased. It may not be the most necessary thing I own but it is one of those things I don’t know if I could live without now that I have had it.

Calendar (GoogleSync)

This is an obvious item included in the base iPhone you get at the store, you can add your meetings and events straight to the calendar and set reminders to pop up prior to your meeting/event. One thing I found was GoogleSync mobile. This service from Google allows you to sync your Google Calendar and your Google Contacts with your iPhone, and vice versa. As you add events to your calendar on your phone it will update on the Google Calendar. I added to this combo Google Calendar Sync which is a Windows application which syncs my Outlook calendar at work with my Google Calendar. So it moves from Outlook to Google, to Phone.

Todo (Appstore $9.99)

This is the only app I have purchased and it was worth every penny. I am a huge to do list freak, and normally I just write them down on whatever I have close to me at the time. The good thing about having this app to do it with, is that my phone is with me all the time. There are several free apps for simple to do lists but this app had some features I really liked. They allow you to create lists for your items, like home, work, web. Then within those lists you can create projects like; site redesign, networking, advertising, etc. You can easily see where you stand with overdue, and current to do’s in the base display from the app, this below shot is from my actual application on my phone.


Evernote (Appstore Free)

If you haven’t installed and signed up for Evernote yet, you need to. That goes for everyone, not just iPhone users. This is a great note application that sync’s your notes with the Evernote website, your pc, your Mac, and your iPhone. I use Evernote to hold all of my ideas as well as any other permanent note that isn’t necessarily and actionable (todo) item. A great thing about Evernote on the iPhone is you can take a picture of a business card and add it as a note then evernote will actually make that business card searchable so you can find the text in the card.

evernotesearch ActualNote


This is another one of those stock things provided with the iPhone. It is actually one of the most disappointing things on the iPhone personally. I have it set to get mail for my e-mail on this site, as well my personal Gmail account. In both instances I am limited to checking every 15 minutes because the iPhone doesn’t support the imap idle function and no one has released an affordable/free app to do pushes. You can only register one exchange account on the iPhone and currently it is dedicated to my Google sync account. Either way I love being able to respond to e-mails a little quicker no matter where I am.

Other Apps

Those are the top 4 things I couldn’t live without on my iPhone but they certainly aren’t the only things I have on it. Some of my other apps I use regularly include:

  • Tweetdeck/Twitterfon/Twitterific – I haven’t decided on my favorite iPhone Twitter app yet
  • Facebook – I actually like using this better than logging into the site.
  • Trapster – A speed trap locator app that uses user input data to alert you to nearby traffic enforcement
  • Stanza/Kindle – Both eBook readers for the iPhone. I don’t really see myself reading a lot on this little screen but they both seem to work ok
  • Documents 2 FREE – I use this little gem to read PDF’s on the go. It works great, the only thing I wish it did was save my spot

What apps do you use? Anything I should check out which I may have missed?


1 J. Money July 16, 2009 at 10:22 am

Nice breakdown man, i literally JUST got one this week and i’m still playing around and trying to find out what works best.

Big fan of Twitterific so far (only one i’ve purchased too – premium version) and reading through all my RSS subscriptions via google reader (web app…would LOVE to see a better reader out there though).

It certainly gets tricky managing two profiles for all facebooks, twitters, gmails etc since I blog anonymously, but so far I agree 100% with you – the iPhone has increased my productivity like CRAZY. Esp on my hour commutes every day 😉

2 the weakonomist July 16, 2009 at 10:18 pm

I’ve settled in with Twitteriffic for now. I guess it’s an interface thing. I’ve had my 3G for about 9 months now and have only paid for one app. I just can’t bring myself to drop the dough on more.

I really enjoy the mail app as I’ve got it linked to my weakonomics.com email account but it’s pushed through a gmail account. I don’t need the push feature in the phone simply because I don’t want to get my email that often.

My fiance and I use textfree lite to communicate for free during the day. I have more apps than I actually use. Enjoy the phone though and welcome to the club.

Oh and I tweeted this the other day but it still scares me: both of my parents got iPhones this past weekend!

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