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It is finally Friday, that day we all long for during the long and difficult work week. Every Friday I highlight four to five articles submitted by those who follow me on Twitter. Twitter is one of those internet phenomenons people just can’t seem to understand. If you don’t twitter, or at least follow people on twitter, you should check it out. Start out with me and the people responsible for the posts I have highlighted below. Each of these people provide value in both their posts on their sites and their tweets. Once you start to follow some people you get to understand the power that a community of like minded people can bring to bear on topics of interest and you want more. You don’t have to send tweets to make great use of twitter.

@MyLifeROI has a great post about Interview blunders. He actually had a girl show up dressed to work the corner, now that is not effective personal marketing. I love that some people still don’t get it. If you are going to interview do a couple of Google searches on how to ace an interview and check out my that post by MLR and the read up on my post on What Not to do in an Interview.

@The_Weakonomist covered a story of particular interest to me on How the Fun May Be Over for Oil Speculators. Last year sometime gas prices in my neighborhood actually reached a point where they were the highest price per gallon in the country. That is the entire Freaking country man, I live in the SouthEast on a pipeline WTF! We were paying $5.00+ per gallon for gas for one day. Thanks a lot speculators.

@ManvsDebt wrote a thesis, well not a thesis but it was long, about Negotiation Tips for Beginners. It does a good job of showing you, through a real life example, how just asking a few simple questions can save you a ton of money.

While not typically my usual round up fodder, @moneyrelation turned 1 this past week. Well not him personally but his blog did, check out a list of the best of Your Money Relationship.


With that said, have a great weekend and bloggers make sure you get your submissions in for the Carnival of Money Stories.

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