July ‘09 Update

I had my best month ever last month, as far as the blog goes, but it looks like my subscribers aren’t really growing so I am going to try harder to work on that. From a finances standpoint we have had a pretty flat month, things have been crazy and we have been spending more than we normally would but we plan to get that under control and get to working on improving where we are at. Here is my update for the month, you can always find it on my Net Worth page and don’t forget to see where I stack up on the Wealthy Blogger List coming out later today.


Cash Savings


Roth IRA




Home Value



Credit Cards $0.00 $0


Student Loans



Net Worth



Cash Savings Our cash rests in two separate online savings accounts, one of the accounts is for our child. I switched my OnBank account over to INGDirect as a result of plummeting interest rates. We also maintain a savings account with a local bank which has around 1500 in real emergency money.

Retirement Accounts These numbers used to be higher but I took a hit in the recent market collapse, I am excited to see positive movement again in my 401k, it has been awhile.

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