Suburban Garden Experiment – May Update

It is May now and my garden has been rolling right along for about a month. I have nothing yet to harvest but a lot of action from the seeds I planted. I went through over the past weekend and tried to thin out where I had planted from seeds so the plant could grow. I also had to pick up some tomato cages at the store. the cost me around $30 and I picked up 4 so add that to my past total and I am now into these gardens for $261.50. As you can see in the photos below I am trying to use one cage, opened up, to grow the cucumbers up. This should keep the cukes off the ground and out of the rest of the garden.

I had a 100% loss of peaches on one of my two peach trees. The other tree appears to be partially ok but has a problem with insect larvae burrowing into my Peaches. I have sprayed the tree pretty regularly with Fruit Tree spray but it doesn’t seem to have helped.  If you have any information which may help me in future years I would appreciate it.  Hopefully I can get at least a couple of good peaches from the tree. In addition to the peaches I have some nice blueberries developing as well as some blackberries.

In comparison to my neighbor my garden looks pretty bad even though we planted some of the exact same vegetables. This is their second year and I think their dirt is a little more seasoned with the decomposed leftovers from last years garden. I hope to get a decent amount of production this year and then expand my operation to few more beds next year.

Since I don’t have much to show yet here is a list of resources for gardening that I have found on the web:

Building a Square Foot Garden

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The Ultimate Canning Resource

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Growing Asparagus (Something I want to do)

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