Sunday’s Sites – Late Night Twitter Edition

Tweety Every Sunday I try to highlight four or five articles found on the interwebs which were particularly insightful. This week I was prepping for vacation (which I am currently enjoying I hope) and up late.  Due to a complete and total lack of original thought I asked those few twitterers who were still awake for some posts, here are the only ones to respond, read their posts cause they stay up late talk to me on twitter. *****I am on vacation this week and just realized I left my power cord for my laptop at home, so I have three posts set for this week so nothing new on Tuesday or Thursday. There will be some great guest posts though on Monday and Friday so stay tuned. ***

My Life ROI ran a piece on cleaning out your medicine cabinet. Interesting stuff, but I wonder why he knows so much about pills and stuff? Also check out his special $10 Charity giveaway for RSS Subscribers.

Jeff Rose over at Good Financial Cents had a great article on how to file complaints about him err brokers. Great piece and a must read if you are having problems with your broker.

If you are going to be getting married soon Saving for Serenity has some tips for you on how to save money on wedding bands. I just pointed at one and said “I’ll Take it” wasn’t my most frugal moment.

Matt with Five Cent Nickel has a pretty interesting post about how he and his wife have chosen to live “off the grid” one day a week. Basically they just agree to not use electricity that day. He also mentions canning which is something I want to do if I can grow enough veggies in my Suburban Garden.

Finally Money Energy has a piece on not waiting until you are 50 to start preserving your wealth.  I have to have wealth to preserve it, one day I guess I might but who knows.

Last week I again was a slacker on Carnival submissions and only contributed to the Carnival of Pecuniary Delights at Greener Pastures. Stop by and check it out.

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