Can’t Miss Personal Finance Carnivals

I only participated in two carnivals this week, it was a slow week for my participation but a great week for the carnivals. So if you haven’t had a chance to check them all out here they are, the two I participated in first then the rest in no particular order.

Carnival of Personal Finance #201 was hosted at Mighty Bargain Hunter, who mentioned it is still Financial Literacy month.

Money Hacks Carnival was hosted by The Personal Finance Playbook it was the first time they had hosted a carnival I think it turned out pretty well.

Festival of Frugality was hosted at MyLifeROI this week. he had his wisdom teeth out right before it got posted and was hopped up on painkillers which makes for a great carnival.

Carnival of Pecuniary Delights #4 went up at Living Well on Less. It is hard to believe it is only the fourth installment of this carnival it sure has taken off.

Next week I plan to participate in a couple more carnivals than I did this week. Enjoy your weekend I am going to be laying on a boat in the lake for two days straight drinking a few frosty beverages and spending time with my Wife and Son.

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