Tax Day Tea Parties

boston-tea-partyWith tax day only one day away you can bet there are plenty of upset Americans out ther who still have to pay.  Thousands are scrambling to get their extensions filed so they can have more time to work out the loop holes which will get them  out of paying.  Which I don’t think I understand completely because the IRS still requires you to pay your estimated taxes when you file for the extension.

A few weeks ago The Weakonomist over at Weakonomics ran a week long series covering taxes which included an overview of the current tax system as well as two alternatives.  I am personally a fan of The Fair Tax Act although I realize the implementation would be near impossible.

There are plans in place around the country to hold modern day Tea Parties around the country on Wednesday April 15, to protest the tax situation in the United States. The protesters hope to bring to light the problems with the spending in the current, and the past administrations which are destined to increase the tax burden on Americans for years to come.

The three goals of the tea party are to 1.) Let people know they are not alone, 2.) Send a message to the world that people will be “The Silent Majority No More,” and 3.) Encourage people to stay involved.  If you are interested in attending one of these parties you can find a list of them at

What do you think about these Tea Parties? Are you planning on going to one let us know where and you thoughts.

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1 Peter April 14, 2009 at 6:59 pm


I didn’t think much of the tea parties until I noticed the left’s rabid and fearful mocking of them.

Once again left wingers don’t get it.

They single-handedly gained millions of followers for Rush Limbaugh by writing a book a month on how irrelevant he was (and fat, too).

Now they are doing the same thing with the tea parties.

If you do a search in technorati or blogcatalog for “tea parties” you will see that it is the left, not the right, that is obsessed with them.

The usual suspects at MSNBC, Rachel Maddow, Keith Olberman and Chris “I’m getting a sensation up my leg” Matthews, in an effort to boost their dismal ratings have been deriding them ad nauseum.

But, of course, the mainstream media has largely ignored them.

So even though I’m not a mass demonstration kind of guy, I just may attend the Orlando tea party tomorrow night at City Hall.

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