April ’09 Update

Ahhh here we are again. Here is my monthly net worth update. It has been a better month with all of my Assets increasing accept the house, and all my debt decreasing. My wife got a bonus so we paid off the furniture, I will have the other $576 gone before mid month which will leave us with just a student loan and the house which we are currently working on refinancing.


Cash Savings $11,065.00 +$579.00
Roth IRA $2,316.00 +$120.00
401k $30,569.00 +$3,673.00
Home Value $239,900.00 -$3,000.00

Credit Cards $576.00 -$2,593.00
Mortgage/Second $228,596.00 -$636.00
Student Loans $9,852 -$77.00

Net Worth $44,826.00

Cash Savings
Our cash rests in two separate online savings accounts, one of the accounts is for our child. I switched my OnBank account over to ING as a result of plummeting interest rates OnBank is currently at .75% APY, INGDirect has dropped to 1.5% APY.  We also maintain a savings account with a local bank which has around 1500 in real emergency money.

Retirement Accounts
These numbers used to be higher but I took a hit in the recent market collapse, I am excited to see positive movement again in my 401k, it has been awhile.

Other Stuff

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