March ’09 Update

This is my first update since my initial post, I have been at this now for a month and hope you have found at least a few useful tidbits in my posts. I will provide a monthly update on my current financial situation. I hope to provide a more accurate picture of how someone in America truly spends/saves their money so I may start including a Cash Flow report to show a little more detail. The down side to that is that last time I ran a report I think my Cash Flow for the month was negative so look for a post on that in the near future.


Cash Savings $10,486.00 +$1,039.00
Roth IRA $2,196.00 -$150.00
401k $26,896.00 -$976.00
Home Value $242,000.00 -$2,000.00

Credit Cards $3,169.00 -$501.00
Mortgage/Second $229,232.00 -$178.00
Student Loans $9,929 -$171.00

Net Worth $39,249.00 -$1,241.00

Cash Savings
Our cash rests in two separate online savings accounts, one of the accounts is for our child. I switched my OnBank account over to ING as a result of plummeting interest rates OnBank is currently at 1.3% APY.  We also maintain a savings account with a local bank which has around 1500 in real emergency money.

Retirement Accounts
These numbers used to be higher but I took a hit in the recent market collapse, I am optimistic though that things will improve and being as young as I am it is a great time to be buying in.

Credit Card Debt
This is a zero interest account used to purchase some furniture, I hope to get this down to 0 in the very near future

In Other News

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