Sunday’s Sites – Edible Post Edition

sushiEvery Sunday I highlight 4 or 5 articles I found particularly insightful. This week I am highlighting posts related to something near and dear to my heart, food.

Frugal Dad mentions his attempts at square foot gardening along with a roundup.  I am actually going to be building my own garden this year so if Frugal Dad’s post interests you subscribe to my free feed update to make sure you catch my own gardening adventure.

J.D. at Get Rich Slowly is providing his February update for the G.R.S. Gardening Project and I am jealous because he is planting some asparagus .

The Weakonomist discusses how he is going to be giving up meat for lent

Trent at The Simple Dollar covers my favorite topic, BEER. And how to make it yourself.

The Digerati Life covers some cheap meals and easy dinner ideas.

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